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POLITICS/ENVIRONMENT: California-Mexico border (Mexicali), New River, toxic pollutants, raw sewage: "Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border: How We Did the Investigation" .... --

***U.S.-Mexico border (Mexicali), New River, toxic pollutants, raw sewage....

* Desert Sun:  "Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border: How We Did the Investigation" - "We went to investigate a toxic river. What we found was something bigger: A pattern of unchecked pollution leading to illnesses and deaths on both sides of the border." - From the Desert Sun:

Journalists at The Desert Sun in Palm Springs set out in late 2016 to examine the polluted New River, which flows from Mexicali across the border into the United States.  For years, the river has been plagued by toxic pollutants and raw sewage spills. The team wanted to know why — and how the pollution is affecting people who live nearby.  These central questions led to "Poisoned Cities, Deadly Border," an investigation of pollution on the border and its effects on people's health ..........................