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POLITICS/MEDIA: "Saturday Night Live" -- American presidents/President Donald Trump: "SNL has skewered every president since Ford. All of them reacted the same way -- until now" ....

***"Saturday Night Live" -- American presidents/President Donald Trump....

* Washington Post (Steve Hendrix):  "SNL has skewered every president since Ford. All of them reacted the same way -- until now" - From the WP:

Gerald Ford had been in office just more than a year when the words “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” were first broadcast across the land. And almost immediately, Ford became the first president to face a question every president — including the current occupant of the Oval Office — has had to answer since: how to respond to “Saturday Night Live’s” parody at the real president’s expense. The show’s Ford was Chevy Chase, a lanky slapstick comedian who portrayed the commander in chief as President Pratfall, a genial bungler stumbling across the world stage with a complacent grin.

That was not how the president — an avid tennis player who had been a college football star — saw himself.  “He was probably our most athletic president,” said Ford’s press secretary Ron Nessen, now 84 and living in suburban Maryland. “It really bothered him to be portrayed as a klutz.” But in public, Ford’s reaction to the “Saturday Night Live” sendups was very different: He laughed. The president invited the entertainer who skewered him to the White House. When Chase was the featured comedian at the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in 1976, Ford embraced the shtick, scattering papers and silverware across the dais, mostly on Chase’s lap.

It was a strategy that most media-age image consultants would hail as a no-brainer: Hide your pique, show you can take a joke, don’t let your bruised feelings become the next story. It was more or less the way every subsequent president has handled his NBC doppelganger. Until now. President Trump doesn’t laugh .........................