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POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION (Air Travel): Oakland International Airport, Aeromexico flight, airport "nightmare": "The story of Flight 661: Crying babies, fainting passengers, arrests for four-hour nightmare at Oakland airport" ....

***Oakland International Airport, Aeromexico flight, airport "nightmare"....

* East Bay Times:  "The story of Flight 661: Crying babies, fainting passengers, arrests for four-hour nightmare at Oakland airport" - "Deputies called to plane after passengers became upset about getting stuck onboard for almost four hours" - From the EBT:

OAKLAND — After more than four hours stuck in an Aeromexico plane on the Oakland International Airport tarmac on Thursday, babies cried, women began to faint and passengers fanned each other with magazines to keep cool. Some passengers called 911, others phoned passenger rights advocates and still others reached out to family and friends desperately trying to find a way to get off the plane after their flight from Guadalajara got diverted to Oakland instead of landing at San Francisco International Airport due to fog.

One man threatened to open the Boeing 737 door if they were not allowed to deplane and that prompted the pilot to call the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, who wound up arresting two men, spokesman Ray Kelly said. Finally at 3:30 p.m., almost five hours after they landed, the passengers said they walked off Gate 1 and experienced more delays going through customs with its staffing depleted from the federal government shutdown.

It was the latest airport tarmac debacle and one that left passengers, many who live in the Bay Area, rattled. The incident also appears to have violated the U.S. Passenger Bill of Rights, which provides international flights a maximum of four hours on a tarmac before the airline must allow passengers to deplane. Airlines face steep fines of $27,000 per stranded passenger if found in violation, and Kelly said there were more than 100 people on board.

In the end, two men from Flight 662 were arrested for being unruly — although they were later released without being charged — and a woman was treated for breathing problems, Kelly said. Passengers began to panic the longer the plane sat on the tarmac.


The airline released a statement late Thursday saying it .....................