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POLITICS/URBAN AFFAIRS: Law enforcement, excessive use of force?: "'Welcome to the white man's world,' cop told Latinos teens after allegedly beating them" ....

***Law enforcement, excessive use of force?

* Washington Post:  "'Welcome to the white man's world,' cop told Latino teens after allegedly beating them" - From the WP:

The night began with a late-night pizza craving. It was about 10:20 p.m. on Feb. 26, 2016, when Steven Vigneault got in his unmarked police car, a Chevy TrailBlazer, at the Springfield, Mass., police department and drove to Primo’s Pizzeria to grab dinner for the narcotics squad.  Everything might have gone differently if not for one decision he made in the parking lot: Vigneault left the car running, according to a federal lawsuit. When he came back out, it was gone.

The chase was on. The alleged thieves, a group of teenagers, were apparently looking for a joyride. For nearly four hours they got one, until a strip of spikes laid by police stopped the speeding TrailBlazer in its tracks. The doors flung open, and the suspected thieves jumped out, fleeing through the woods with police dogs on their heels. They made it as far as the porch of a multifamily home.

That is where, according to the lawsuit filed by one of the teenagers and a federal indictment unsealed Wednesday, the boys were bitten by dogs, handcuffed and kicked in the face by officers, allegedly including Vigneault and Officer Gregg Bigda. Bigda, according to the indictment, ended the attack by spitting on a 14-year-old boy, who was Hispanic.

“Welcome to the white man’s world,” said Bigda, who is white, according to the indictment ......................