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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "As LAUSD teachers prepare to strike, one central question: Where's the money?"; "MTS eyes Transit Center overhaul amid aggressive push to develop property near bus and trolley stops"; No. Calif.: "Repair plan set, steel ordered to fix cracked beams at Transbay Transit Center"; "Will a new hospital in Elk Grove force these businesses to close?" .... | Main | SACRAMENTO: "California police unions are preparing to battle new transparency law in the courtroom"; "Governor Brown Announces Appointments"; also, "Newsom calls for wildfire safety funding"; "As Fires Ravaged California, Utilities Lobbied Lawmakers for Protection" .... »

SACRAMENTO: "It's official: Gavin Newsom and his family will move to governor's mansion in Sacramento"; "The economy is booming. Why are so many California schools broke?"; "Should state adopt lower passing score for the bar exam? Current one may harm students of color"; also, "At least three new faces will join the CalPERS board in 2019. What's ahead for your pension?" ....