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« SACRAMENTO: "Governor Jerry Brown Appoints 12 Superior Court Judges" -- Two in Alameda County, one in Contra Costa County; one in Fresno County, five in Los Angeles County, one in San Francisco County, one in Santa Clara County, one in Solano County .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Los Angeles): "Nation's first public quake warning system arrives in L.A. with big expectations and major challenges"; "If teachers strike in Los Angeles, where will half a million kids go?"; "Valerie Fields, former LAUSD board member and staffer to former Mayor Tom Bradley, dies" .... »

POLITICS (National): "While federal workers go without pay, senior Trump administration officials are poised to get $10,000 raises"; "amkeup of Cabinet is creating more hurdles for Trump"; "Sexism Claims from Bernie Sanders's 2016 Run: Paid Less, Treated Worse"; also, "Feinstein says she supports Biden for 2020, and notes that Sen. Kamala Harris is 'brand new here'" ....