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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "Leaders in the spotlight: 7 Political Figures to Watch in 2019" (Jon Regardie - "The Regardie Report"); "Dozens of LAX passengers try to sneak guns past security. Few face serious punishment"; "La Jolla councilwoman will run for San Diego mayor in 2020" .... | Main | SACRAMENTO: "Big polluters get help from the state, renewing doubts about California's climate goals"; "Wiener: State will never reach Newsom's housing goals without taking power from cities"; "Housing shortage will bite California's economy" (Dan Walters) .... »

SACRAMENTO: Arambula keeps Assembly chairmanship, committee positions after arrest"; "It's now legal to sell home-cooked food -- but there's a catch"; "California's landmark police transparency law takes effect after court denies police union effort to block it"; "New insurance commissioner hires ex-lobbyist for company under investigation by insurance agency" ....