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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "Roberta Weintraub, former L.A. school board member, dies at 83"; "Former Imperial Beach PTA President charged with embezzlement"; No. Calif.: "S.F. supervisors spar over first major task of year -- electing their president"; "Richmond to S.F. ferry ushers new era for water travel in Bay Area" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "Leaders in the spotlight: 7 Political Figures to Watch in 2019" (Jon Regardie - "The Regardie Report"); "Dozens of LAX passengers try to sneak guns past security. Few face serious punishment"; "La Jolla councilwoman will run for San Diego mayor in 2020" .... »

SACRAMENTO: "Brown reappoints top California high-speed rail leaders"; "Will Gavin Newsom change the state's water course? Fish and farmers will soon find out"; "Did non-citizens vote last year? California officials still can't say"; "Kevin de Leon says he's considering bid for Democratic party chair" ....