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« SACRAMENTO: "Newsom calls out cities that fail to plan for housing"; "Gov. Newsom taps Mayor Steinberg to head new California commission on homeless"; "California lawmakers try once again to make it easier to prosecute police officers for killing civilians"; also, "They were deported as kids. Now the Rubio sisters are California lawmakers" .... | Main | SACRAMENTO: "CalPERS and other big pension funds are getting more conservative, report says"; "Bill would give Californians a $10,000 tax deduction for college savings"; "The one-day, $1-billion California budget gimmick that has lasted for almost a decade"; also, "Newsom wants more accountability for schools" (Dan Walters) .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "L.A. to pay $6.1 million to motorcyclist who hit poles and crashed"; "Los Angeles may ban digital billboards on Uber, Lyft and taxi vehicles"; "Anaheim Mayor Sidhu, Backed by Council Majority, Makes Sweeping Changes to Public Meetings"; "County revokes Sweetwater school district's ability pay bills on its own" ....