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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "Santa Ana Searches for Money to Cover Police Raises"; "Electoral Do-Over" [Santa Monica]; No. Calif.: "Oakland teachers strike for better pay, many students stay away from class"; "S.F. parklet proliferation raises questions about restaurants' use of public space" .... | Main | SACRAMENTO: "They're big, furry and could destroy the Delta. California has a $2 million plan to destroy them"; "Marijuana black market thrives despite first year of legal sales"; editorial, "Brown was right to send National Guard troops to the border. Newsom is right to withdraw them"; also, "California law could be Congress' model for data privacy. Or it could be erased" .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "Federal Judge Carter Calls OC's Skyrocketing Homeless Deaths a 'Public Health Crisis'"; "L.A. hikdes health care costs for individual employees in apparent violation of state law"; No. Calif.: "Over 1,000 affordable homes could disappear in Sacramento County, new report says"; "Scooter companies tusslilng with Oakland over who pays for injuries" ....