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« POLITICS (National): Various reports: "The bipartisan window for this Congress to get anything done is closing soon"; "Midway through first term, Trump is not meeting the public's modest expectations for his job performance, poll finds"; "Adelsons pumped $500K into Trump aides' legal defense fund"; also, "Hope Hicks, West Wing Alum, Begins Her Second Act, on the West Coast" .... | Main | AFTERNOON MEMOS: "Dozens of CHP officers suspected of faking overtime; officials say 'supervisors were complicit'"; "California water district wants $200M for Salton Sea for Colorado River drought plan OK"; "UC's Napolitano: Proposal would make it easier for sexual predators on campus"; also, "Willie Brown sees proteges rise to the top" (Dan Walters).... »

POLITICS (National): Various reports: "Democrats' divisions bust open as 2020 primary heats up"; "Can Kamala Harris Repeat Obama's Success With Black Voters? It's Complicated"; "Kamala Harris learns the perils of presidential front-running" (Willie Brown); also, "There's a sense that Trump has altered California politics for years to come, political watchers say" (John Myers) ....