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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "$25 Million in Santa Ana Police Raises Up for City Council Approval"; "San Diego set to repeal law prohibiting homeless people from living in cars"; "Ex-Centinela Valley superintendent pushed through private retirement plan worth $294,000 to him, testimony reveals"; editorial, "L.A. supervisors should keep moving beyond bail reform" ... | Main | POLITICS (National): Various reports: "Trump campaign spending erupts as president enters reelection mode"; "Trump taps Ronny Jackson to receive promotion and be his to medical adviser, despite investigation"; "In the Pale of Winter, Trump's Tan Remains a State Secret"; also, editorial, "The problem with Trump's 'national emergency' plan is bigger than any wall" .... »

POLITICS (National): Various reports: "Longtime Schumer spox left after inappropriate behavior"; "Homeland Security called hundreds of immigrants to court hearings that didn't exist"; "Foxcomm Affirms Wisconsin Factory Plan, Citing Trump Chat"; also, "'A watershed moment': Trump faces crossroads amid mounting threats on all sides" ....