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« POLITICS (State; Local): "In the heart of California, a sheriff makes a case for a middle ground on immigration" (Steve Lopez); "The L.A. teachers strike could be just the beginning for California" (George Skelton); editorial, "A 'justice' system that frees the monied and locks up the poor isn't worthy of the name"; "Here's how local governments are replacing California's biggest utilities".... | Main | AFTERNOON MEMOS: "Southern California Gas Co. fined $3.3 million, accused of putting money ahead of safety"; "Immigrant rights attorneys and journalists denied entry into Mexico"; Amid CHP overtime fraud, Caltrans orders audit of highway funds used to pay officers"; "This Sacramento Valley town has sunk more than 2 feet in less than 10 years" .... »

POLITICS (National; State): "'Trump effect:' California Latino voters showed up in force in 2018. Will they do it again?"; "Targeted by Gov. Newsom over housing, Huntington Beach argues state's efforts are unconstitutional"; "What keeps families in one of the most polluted places in California?"; editorial, "Convicted for leaving water for migrants in the desert -- this is Trump's justice" ....