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« POLITICS (National): Various reports: "Freedom Caucus plots with GOP leaders to cause Dem misery"; "Republicans defy Trump on national emergency"; "The plan to keep Trump's taxes hidden"; also, "Trump and his aides offer the public a glimpse of their private notes" .... | Main | POLITICS (National, State; Local): "Amid push for border wall, many Latinos distressed by Trump's tone"; "ICE set up a fake university. Hundreds enrolled, not realizing it was a sting operation"; "Mueller: Shared evidence was used to discredit special counsel probe"; also, "Travel agents charged with bringing Chinese women to U.S. to give birth on U.S. soil" .... »

POLITICS (National): Various reports: "E-Scooter Riders Bang Head and Break Bones, But Lawyers Say Suits Are Hard"; "Feinstein: 'I'm Not There' On Harris Calls to Eliminate Private Health Insurance"; "As vacancies pile up in Trump administration, senators grow concerned"; "'They basically have nothing to do:' Trip of Republicans face life in exile" ....