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POLITICS (National, Local): Large U.S. cities, local government corruption?: "'It's the Human Way': "Corruption Scandals Play Out in Big Cities Across U.S." ....

***Large U.S. cities, local government corruption?

* New York Times:  "'It's the Human Way': Corruption Scandals Play Out in Big Cities Across U.S." - From the NYT:

ATLANTA — A senior aide to a former mayor of Atlanta collapses on a courtroom floor after hearing that she is headed to prison. F.B.I. agents in Los Angeles haul away computers and documents during a raid of a veteran councilman’s office. News cameras trail the most powerful alderman in Chicago as he walks to court to face a charge of attempted extortion. Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia accuse a powerful labor boss of keeping a key city councilman on his union’s payroll.

Four of America’s largest cities are under the dark clouds of major federal corruption investigations. Residents, politicians and power brokers in all of them are holding their breath, waiting for signs of how deeply their civic cultures will be shaken. The investigations raise questions not just about who else might be caught up in them, but also about whether there can be any lasting cure for the chronic corruption problems that seem to dog big cities, so often dominated by a single party or political machine.


The investigations have already had a palpable impact ........................