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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "L.A. County deputy pleads guilty in brazen pot heist"; "L.A. to pay nearly $2 million to settle suit over sexual assault by LAPD officers"; "LAPD detective accuses fellow officer of sexual assault, violence and blackmail in civil suit"; "Inglewood votes to limit rent hikes and halt evictions spurred by development" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "L.A. City Council votes to shut off utilities at illegal marijuana shops"; "Costa Mesa settles lawsuit over homeless in riverbed"; No. Calif.: "Sacramento City Unified outlines cuts -- but district still scrambling to fix budget crisis"; "Did late S.F. Public Defender Jeff Adachi keep plea deals secret from clients?" (Heather Knight) .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT (County of Los Angeles): "Fired L.A. County deputy discredited Sheriff's Department, says panel that rehired him"; "Court delays settling dispute between County, Sheriff Villanueva over fired deputy"; "Before taking office, Sheriff Villanueva pushed to rehire deputy accused of domestic violence"; "Los Angeles County deputies claim abuse by an East L.A. station 'gang'" ....