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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "Disabled man sues city, scooter maker over injuries caused by teen scooter pilot"; "Booze, Nazi salutes and a swastika: Newport Beach and Costa Mesa teens 'made a big mistake'"; "Homelessness in North Orange County is Significantly Higher Than Last Official Estimate"; also, editorial, "Time to Expand the L.A. City Council" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): "L.A. Trade Tech faculty demand ouster of president amid campus scandals"; "Pay-to-play, political favoritism allegations persist in San Bernardino's cannabis license approval process"; "State of the City: Anaheim mayor pledges $250 million neighborhood investment"; also, "Information Underload" .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.:"L.A. settles pivotal homeless rights case, likely limiting city's ability to clear skid row streets"; "L.A. City Councilman David Ryu drops second Sherman Oaks homeless housing site"; No. Calif.:"SoMA neighbors say SFMTA is stonewalling hotel/housing development process"; "State and regional officials want to jumpstart efforts to avoid more Highway 37 storm closures"