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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "L.A. County homeless population is growing -- but not as fast as they're dying"; "L.A. Metro cops are in a bind: Avoid racial profiling while also fighting crime"; No. Calif.: "Quirkly law keeps pristine Palo Alto park restricted to residents"; "S.F. supervisor has big plans to make Tenderloin, South of Market less filthy" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Los Angeles): "L.A. takes next step toward clamping down on developer donations"; "LAPD moving from data-driven crime programs over potential bias"; "L.A. County supervisors vote to extgend rent increase caps through 2019"; "L.A. schools chief Austin Beutner says no major restructing is in the works" .... »

LOCAL GOVERNMENT: "One of California's last black enclaves threatened by Inglewood's stadium deal"; "O.C. Gives Sheriff Sole Control of Crime Lab, Againts National Recommendations"; "L.A. City Council increases fines for disabled parking placard fraudsters to $1,100"; "San Diego communities have urged officials to keep speed limits low in conflict with state law. Now officers can't . . . ."