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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "L.A. business groups gear up for an opposition campaign against LAUSD parcel tax on June 4th ballot"; "Deputy whose rehiring spurred outrage alleges retaliation by county leaders in lawsuit"; No. Calif.: "BART extension: It's complicated"; "Sports, gifted programs could face cuts in Sac City Unified budget crisis, board told" .... | Main | LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Southern California): Los Angeles, "Competition and Confusion on the Cannabis Front"; O.C., "Federal Judge Preses O.C. Official on Lack of Mental Health Shelter, Housing"; San Diego, "San Diego Unified Moved a Problem Principal to Districtwide Role, Then Paid Him to Leave" .... »

L.A. CITY HALL: "LAX expansion plans call for a new terminal east of Sepulveda Boulevard"; "Payouts involving law firm that paid referral fee were handled properly, Feuer says"; "L.A. takes more heat for spending millions of dollars cleaning up homeless camps"; also, editorial, "Why are L.A. and HUD bickering over how to build affordable housing for the disabled?" ....