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« LOCAL GOVERNMENT: So. Calif.: "Glendale puts its natural gas plant back on the table -- while L.A. others, back away from fossil fuels"; "Anaheim and Fullerton Mobile Home Residents Remain Uncertain About Rents"; No. Calif.: "S.F. supervisors oppose Weiner's new housing bill, but there's wiggle room"; "Why are planes suddenly flying so low over these Sacramento neighborhoods?" .... | Main | SACRAMENTO: "Calfornia adopts new wetlands rules to protect them from Trump rollbacks"; "A California tax to clean up toxic drinking water has lawmakers jumpy"; "As power of California Senate leader grows, so does her spouse's consulting business"; also, "Banningpaper receipts just more pettifoggery" (Dan Walters) .... »

MORNING MEMOS: "Lawyers' 'Rackets' Spur Judges to Nix Cozy Class-Action Deals"; "Flood of products containing marijuana extract puts FDA in a bind"; "California's Democrats in Congress face squeeze in NAFTA fight"; "Waiting for Asylum in the United States, Migrants Live in Fear in Mexico" ....