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MORNING MEMOS: Inglewood Oil Field, questions, concerns, land shifts, cracks; California high-speed rail project, California State Senate, proposed changes in funding distribution; Mojave Desert solar experiment, questions, concerns....

***Various items from across the spectrum of politics and/or public policy....

* Los Angeles Times:  "California bullet train faces tough vote in Senate" - "Gov. Jerry Brown is requesting $6 billion to start construction in the Central Valley, but some senators hope to distribute the funds elsewhere geographically."

* Los Angeles Times:  "Inglewood Oil Field's neighbors want answers about land shifts" - "Are the cracks that have appeared on some properties caused by Inglewood Oil Field drilling, an underlying fault line or other factors? So far, no one knows."

* Los Angeles Times:  "Searing questions on massive solar experiment in Mojave Desert" - "As one of the world's largest sun-powered plants takes shape, observers debate the risk to birds, planes and drivers."


POLITICS (National, State, Local): Report, "Across the nation, pension funds are coming up short"; editorials, concerns, statewide issue, also city of Los Angeles, Orange County....

***Public employee pensions, issue continues front and center on political horizon....

* Sacramento Bee:  "Across the nation, pension funds are coming up short"

* Orange County Register (editorial):  "Pensions eating more of O.C. budget"

* Daily News (editorial):  "L.A. Mayor Villaraigosa is now union-busting governor, but he should address pension problems"

* Orange County Register (editorial):  "Unions fight voter-approved pension fixes"


* Boston Globe:  "Unions sue to block RI pension overhaul"


POLITICS (National): Report, analysis, stock trading, members of Congress making laws that affect the same companies in which members are investing; details; historical perspective....

***Washington Post series, stock trading by members of Congress in companies while lawmakers  are dealing with legislation  that affects those same companies....

* Washington Post:  "Members of Congress trade in companies while making laws that affect those same companies"

* Washington Post:  "Lawmakers sell off stock in company included in Senate investigation"

* Washington Post:  "Congressional rules on trading had their start in 1789"


POLITICS (Bay Area): San Francisco Ethics Commission, Ross Mirkarimi case, more "sordid details" released, bitter fight taking shape....  

***Latest doings relating to suspended San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi....

* San Francisco Chronicle (City Insider):  "Ethics Commission strikes assertions made by Mirkarimi neighbor as prejudicial"

* San Francisco Chronicle (City Insder):  "More sordid details in the Ross Mirkarimi case"

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Bitter fight taking shape as panel weighs Mirkarimi fate"


L.A. CITY HALL: 2013 mayor's race, latest (info?) (speculation?), whether Zev Yaroslavsky willl be joining the field of candidates....

* Daily News:  "Will Zev Yaroslavsky run for mayor? Friends say yes" - From the DN:

Friends and former political consultants of Zev Yaroslavsky are betting the Los Angeles County supervisor will announce he's running for mayor in the next few months. "After all the discussions I've had with him, I think he's running," said Rick Taylor, a partner at Dakota Communications, who has worked with Yaroslavsky on numerous political campaigns since 1997. He also counts Yaroslavsky as a friend.

Yaroslavsky hasn't told Taylor whether he will enter the race to succeed Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in 2013, but the consultant believes all the signs point to a run. That feeling was seconded by Wayne Avrashow, a close friend and former staffer to Yaroslavsky. "My feeling is that he will announce his candidacy," said Avrashow, who handled Yaroslavsky's 1975 City Council campaign. "It's based on conversations I have had with him. He has never said, `Yes, I am running,' but he has never said, `No I am not.' And I think he will run."'

Among political observers, guessing whether Yaroslavsky will run has become a sort of off-and-on again parlor game. The supervisor is termed out in 2014. This week, at least, the rumors around City Hall were on again. And once again, Yaroslavsky declined to reveal his plans.

"I'm not going to get into that," Yaroslavsky said Tuesday, asked if an announcement was imminent.........