INTERNATIONAL: Britain, Brexit vote, "false promises"?: "Brexit leaders are already walking back some of their biggest promises"; "Having Won, Some 'Brexit' Campaigns Begin Backpedaling"; "Brexit's broken promises: Health care, immigration and the economy"; also, "Brexit campaign wipes its homepage amid accusations of false promises" ....

***Britain, Brexit vote, "broken promises"? ....

* Washington Post:  "Brexit leaders are already walking back some of their biggest promises"

* New York Times:  "Having Won, Some 'Brexit' Campaigners Begin Backpedaling"

* CNN:  "Brexit's broken promises: Health care, immigration and the economy"


* CNET:  "Brexit campaign wipes its homepage amid accusations of false promises" - "Prominent Brexiters have been backtracking on key promises made during the referendum. Now the campaign's homepage has erased links to those claims."


POLITICS (National, State/Texas): U.S. Supreme Court, Whole Woman's Health vs. Hellerstedt, abortion clinic restrictions: Various reports, ruling, reactions, national politics ....  


POLITICS (National, State/Virginia): U.S. Supreme Court, bribery conviction, former VA. Gov. Robert McDonnell: "Supreme Court overturns corruption conviction of former Va. governor McDonnell"; "Supreme Court Vacates Ex-Virginina Governor's Graft Conviction"; "Supreme Court overturns Robert McDonnell's bribery conviction"; "Supreme Court vacates former Virginina Gov. Bob McDonnell's conviction"  

***Sampling of coverage, U.S. Supreme Court, bribery conviction, former Virginina Governor Robert McDonnell....

* Washington Post:  "Supreme Court overturns corruption conviction of former Va. governor McDonnell"

* Los Angeles Times:  "Supreme Court overturns Robert McDonnell's bribery conviction"

* CNN:  "Supreme Court vacates former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's conviction"

* New York Times:  "Supreme Court Vacates Ex-Virginia Governor's Graft Conviction"


POLITICS (National, International): Multicultural globalism/ethno-nationalists?: "Right-Wing Populism Is Prevailing in Left-Wing Strongholds Throughout the World" ....

* New York Times:  "Right-Wing Populism Is Prevailing in Left-Wing Strongholds Throughout the World" - From the NYT:

Across the postindustrial world, the populist right is excelling in the old bastions of the left.

If there is a lesson for the United States in the decision by British voters to exit the European Union, it is the importance of the emerging split between the beneficiaries of multicultural globalism and the working-class ethno-nationalists who feel left behind. These issues have the potential to overcome longstanding partisan ties, even in the United States.

The power of these issues was evident in the British referendum Thursday evening as the votes were counted. The result in Sunderland — long a Labour stronghold, which voted 62 percent to “Leave” — was the first clear sign of the final outcome. In the end, many of Labour’s traditional working-class strongholds in old industries across northern England voted for “Brexit.” (The last deep coal mine in the country closed last year in North Yorkshire, in northern England.) “Remain” did better than the Labour Party normally does in the establishment-friendly, traditionally Conservative and more affluent countryside of southern England, let alone in the Conservative seats of London, but not by enough.

The same story unfolded in the recent Austrian elections. The far right won working-class areas that sided with the Social Democrats a decade earlier. Similar patterns show up in Denmark and Germany, with the center-left doing better in cosmopolitan metropolitan areas and with populists gaining in former leftist strongholds.

The result is familiar to Americans: an electorate split between the well-educated, diverse and cosmopolitan metropolitan areas connected to the global economy and the older, less educated, former industrial regions that haven’t benefited from globalization.

In some sense, the United States is ahead of this trend .....................


POLITICS/EDUCATION: University of California, Berkeley, Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, renovation/ refurbishing of official residence?: Commentary (Matier & Ross), "UC Berkeley spends big on chancellor's fixer-upper" ....

* San Francisco Chronicle (Matier & Ross):  "UC Berkeley spends big on chancellor's fixer-upper" - From the Chronicle:

Over the past three years, UC Berkeley has spent more than $1 million sprucing up the official home of Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, school records show.

Some of the work on the 105-year-old University House, on the west side of campus, began in July 2013 to prepare it for the arrival of the then-newly hired Dirks and his wife, associate history Professor Janaki Bakhle. The $247,000 job — which was approved by then-University of California President Mark Yudof — included a $147,000 renovation of the upstairs kitchen, plus $100,000 for painting throughout the house, refinishing the floors in several rooms and replacing worn window coverings in the residence area with roller shades.

A year later, the university spent $14,752 for more floor work on the lower level of the house, according to records furnished to us by the UC Berkeley real estate division. Then, in early 2015, the school spent $76,886 to redo a downstairs bathroom used mainly during public events. Leaking plumbing fixtures had caused extensive rot and other damage, officials said. In a separate purchase not handled by the real estate division, Bakhle swapped nine Persian rugs for six newer ones. The net cost was at least $90,000.

Estimated total cost for the in-home work: $428,000. Campus officials hasten to add that none of it came out of state or tuition funds. Gift funds were used to pay for all the work done ahead of the chancellor’s arrival, while investment income and other revenue sources paid for the rest. In addition to all this, the university spent close to $700,000 — 2½ times the original budget — to install a security fence after protesters sprayed graffiti on the house. And every year, it provides the chancellor with a $179,000 budget to maintain University House.

News of this spending comes as the university struggles with a $150 million deficit.

University House is the source of another headache for the campus — this one having nothing to do with maintenance .................