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POLITICS/WATER: California WaterFix, Kern County Water Agency: "Group of San Joaquin farmers say they're willing to pay for the Delta tunnels"; "Kern County Water Agency opts to support Brown's multi-billion dollarl WaterFix project"; "Kern County agency votes to help fund delta water delivery system" .... 


POLITICS/SPORTS (NFL): Mike Ditka, WGN-TV interview: "Mike Ditka: There has been no oppression in the U.S. in the last 100 years"; "Called out by Joe Namath, Mike Ditka clarifies 'no oppression in the last 100 years' remark"; "Mike Ditka apologizes for comment on racial oppression"; also, commentary (Bill Thompson), "Mike Ditka's comments on anthem protests underscore larger, chilling effect"...


SACRAMENTO: California politics, Republican alliances?: "GOP Alliances Rip Over Gas Tax Repeal: Anti-Taxers vs. Business Establishment" ....

***California politics, Republican alliances?

* CALmatters (Judy Lin):  "GOP Alliances Rip Over Gas Tax Repeal: Anti-Taxers vs. Business Establishment" - From CALmatters:

Business groups are threatening to wage a pricey campaign to stop California’s Republican officials from trying to repeal a new state gas tax—warning them not to “create new political adversaries.” But the politicians aren’t flinching.

Eleven GOP members of the state’s congressional delegation, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, responded that they aren’t as worried about “political threats” as they are about the financial burden the $5.2 billion-a-year gas would place on their constituents. And GOP Assemblyman Travis Allen, who’s running for governor and sponsoring one of the two repeal measures, struck a Trumpian tone, labeling the business groups “special interest thugs.”

Once political allies, Republican incumbents and activists are openly sparring with pro-business groups for backing the transportation package Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown signed earlier this year. Such infighting between traditional conservative interests seems counterproductive for a party with diminished clout—but the GOP has little to lose in California.


The GOP’s goal: rally conservatives and cut across party lines by inciting a taxpayer revolt. Success would boost turnout and improve prospects for Republicans in other races.

“If things continue as is in California politics, I think this is how future elections will look,” said Bill Whalen, a Hoover Institution research fellow at Stanford University and former speechwriter for GOP Gov. Pete Wilson. Currently, just 26 percent of registered voters are Republican, compared to 45 percent Democrats and 25 percent no party preference .................


L.A. CITY HALL: California WaterFix, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti: Editorial, "Where to now on L.A. water, Mr. Mayor?" ....

***California WaterFix, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti....

* Los Angeles Times (editorial):  "Where to now on L.A. water, Mr. Mayor?" - From the LAT:

After Tuesday’s vote by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to participate in a giant water delivery project more than 300 miles to the north, Los Angeles is left to wonder: Are we all in on the delta tunnels and their $17 billion price tag ($4.3 billion for Southern California)? Are we all out? Does Mayor Eric Garcetti have a better alternative, and will he try to stop the tunnels project from moving forward? You couldn’t tell from the votes cast by Garcetti’s five appointees to the 38-member MWD board. They split 3-2, with the majority opposed.

Until this week you couldn’t tell by listening to Garcetti, either, because he didn’t weigh in on the massive project, which would channel Sacramento River water south through 40-mile-long twin tunnels to bypass the fragile delta. And then, maddeningly, on the day of the vote — and not in Los Angeles, but at a press event in Sacramento — he revealed that he did not favor the version that would be voted on minutes later but might support a single tunnel. But why was one tunnel better than two? He didn’t explain.

Los Angeles needs stronger leadership from Garcetti on water.

That’s a remarkable thing to have to say, because in a real sense Garcetti has made water self-sufficiency the centerpiece of his administration ..............


L.A. CITY HALL: Councilman Jose Huizar, CD 14: "Councilman Huizar says his wife is weighing her own bid for city office" ....

***Councilman Jose Huizar, CD 14....

* Los Angeles Times (David Zahniser):  "Councilman Huizar says his wife is weighing her own bid for city office" - From the LAT:

Could L.A.’s Eastside wind up with 27 consecutive years of a council member named Huizar? That possibility became more real on Thursday, when Councilman Jose Huizar disclosed that his wife, Richelle Huizar, has expressed interest in running for his seat in 2020.

Appearing at the Los Angeles Current Affairs Forum, Huizar said he would support his wife if she decides to run, arguing she would make “a great councilwoman.” “There’s a lot of community people who have asked her to run, so she is considering it,” said Huizar, who represents Boyle Heights, Eagle Rock and other neighborhoods.

The councilman was elected in 2005 and will be forced out by term limits in three years. If Richelle Huizar, who has worked in recent years at a law firm, were to win in 2020, she would be eligible to serve up to 12 years, assuming she won reelection — allowing for 27 years of continuous service by the Boyle Heights couple. Huizar advised The Times to ask his wife directly about her political intentions. Richelle Huizar did not respond to requests for comment.

In recent months, the councilman has ramped up mentions of his spouse on social media, highlighting her attendance at events in downtown, El Sereno and other parts of the district. For example ...............


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