LOCAL GOVERNMENT (County of Los Angeles): Marina del Rey, vision statement: "Vision for Marina del Rey approved by L.A. County Board of Supervisors" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Vision for Marina del Rey approved by L.A. County Board of Supervisors" - From the LAT:

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a vision statement for Marina del Rey this week, with officials saying they hope to better guide the neighborhood’s development in coming years. The approval Tuesday marks the end of a months-long process in which county regional planners created a blueprint that will divide the marina into distinct districts, and they say, make it easier to get around town.

Although sections of the marina have been booming, thanks to an influx of upscale residential and commercial projects, planners and county officials agreed that other sections have become worn down and dated. They hope the plan will help modernize the marina and make it the hot spot that it was decades ago.


The approved version of the vision statement remains much the same as the original version presented in February.........................


SACRAMENTO: 30th Senate District, campaign to succeed Sen. Ron Calderon: "Republicans use scandal in fight for Ron Calderon's Senate seat" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Republicans use scandal in fight for Ron Calderon's Senate seat" - From the LAT:

Even with indicted lawmaker Ronald S. Calderon unable to seek reelection, the scandal enveloping the Democratic state senator has rubbed off on the campaign to replace him. The candidates, former Democratic Assemblyman Tony Mendoza and Republican businessman Mario Guerra, both vow to tackle Sacramento corruption. At the same time, supporters of each have accused the other candidate of committing ethical transgressions of his own.

Democrats enjoy a big advantage in voter registration in the district, located mostly in eastern Los Angeles County, but Republicans see recent scandals involving Calderon and three other Democratic state senators as an opportunity for their candidate to beat the odds and take the seat.

Republican donor Charles Munger Jr. has spent $539,000 independently on ads, mailers and other attacks on Mendoza, while the Republican Party and political action committees have spent $242,000 to support Guerra. Election handicapper Allan Hoffenblum says the amount of late Republican money is an indication that GOP leaders see a potential win. "With very low turnout [possible] and the Republican himself being a Latino, they are looking for an upset," said Hoffenblum, editor of the California Target Book, a nonpartisan election guide.........................


L.A. CITY HALL: Housing shortage, higher city minimum wage: "Garcetti says housing shortage, minimum wage linked in Los Angeles" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Garcetti says housing shortage, minimum wage linked in Los Angeles" - From the LAT:

The housing shortage in Los Angeles – possibly the most severe since the end of World War II – is linked to a low minimum wage and a host of other economic issues in the city, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Garcetti, in a speech at the Mayoral Housing, Transportation & Jobs summit on Wednesday, unveiled plans to build 100,000 new housing units by 2021. “But the fact remains that even with dramatic increases in market-rate and affordable housing, L.A. will continue to be an expensive city in which to live,” Garcetti said at the event, which was hosted by advocacy group Los Angeles Business Council at the UCLA Anderson School of Management. 

Garcetti is proposing to raise the minimum wage in the city to $13.25 an hour by 2017 and then indexing future increases to inflation. He noted that 567,000 Angelenos are considered minimum wage workers. Enough residents live under the federal poverty line to rival the population of one of the ten largest cities in the country, he said. “We cannot afford the poverty rate we have in this town,” he said.

Garcetti, in a separate interview with The Times, said he has coordinated wage proposals with surrounding cities such as Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Long Beach and Pasadena. But Los Angeles may be the first to succeed, Garcetti said......................


LOCAL GOVERNMENT/AVIATION (Santa Monica): Santa Monica Airport, Measure D, Measure LC, November ballot: "Aviation groups give more than $500,000 to save Santa Monica airport" .... 

* Los Angeles Times:  "Aviation groups give more than $500,000 to save Santa Monica airport" - From the LAT:

Two influential aviation organizations have contributed more than half a million dollars to support a Santa Monica ballot measure that would halt efforts to shut down the city's airport until the public can vote on future proposals to close the embattled facility, long a source of complaints from nearby residents.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn. and the National Business Aviation Assn. have donated at least $540,000 so far to the campaign for Measure D, which, supporters say, is a reaction to a City Council decision to develop a "starvation strategy" that would cut flights, shorten the runway or close Santa Monica Municipal Airport.

According to campaign disclosure statements, Measure D has raised about $824,000 as of Oct. 22, mostly from aviation-related interests, aircraft owners, businesses and pilots, including actor Harrison Ford, who stores his aircraft at the airport and donated $25,887.

Supporters of the initiative, which qualified for the Nov. 4 election with more than 15,000 signatures from registered voters, are trying to defeat Measure LC, a competing proposition that was later put on the ballot by the City Council. Endorsed by environmental and community groups, that measure would allow the airport to only be used for parks, open space and recreational facilities until voters can approve limits on development. The public also is being asked to reaffirm the council's authority to manage the airport and to close all or part of it.

Overshadowing both measures, however, are long-standing federal agreements designed to protect the airport...........................


POLITICS (National): Boston, death of Thomas Menino, five-term mayor: "Thomas M. Menino, elected five times as Boston's mayor, dies at 71" ....

* Washington Post:  "Thomas M. Menino, elected five times as Boston's mayor, dies at 71" - From the WP:

Thomas M. Menino, Boston’s longest-serving mayor, who gained support from working-class neighborhood “townies” and corporate chieftains alike during his 20 years in office and presided over a steel-and-glass economic boom in one of America’s most historic cities, died Oct. 30 in Boston. He was 71.

Hugely popular in his home town, where he easily won five straight nonpartisan mayoral elections before retiring from city hall, Mr. Menino, who was a liberal Democrat, surprised Boston in March with his disclosure that he had been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer just weeks after completing his final term. Doctors said they were unsure where in his body the disease had begun, but it had spread to his liver and lymph nodes by the time it was detected.

“I don’t want sympathy,” Mr. Menino told the Boston Globe in confirming his illness. From his office at Boston University, which he joined as an urban public policy specialist after leaving city hall in January, he said: “There are people worse off than me. It’s my biggest concern — I don’t want to be treated any differently.”


Part of what endeared Mr. Menino to many lifelong Bostonians was his common-man persona. Often blunt-spoken and given to malapropisms (he once called local parking problems “an Alcatraz around my neck”), he was thoroughly a creature of his city, innately attuned to its sardonic humor and idiosyncrasies............................