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POLITICS/BUSINESS (National, State): President Donald Trump, immigration, deportation crackdown, impact on California businesses?: "Trump's promise to ramp up deportations spreads fear -- among California businesses" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Trump's promise to ramp up deportations spreads fear -- among California businesses" - From the LAT:

The news that President Trump ordered an aggressive crackdown on 11 million undocumented people sent a chill through immigrant communities. California businesses that employ lots of immigrants are shivering too.

Two memos released by Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly on Tuesday directed immigration officers to broaden the scope of their enforcement, conduct more raids of immigrant communities, and detain people living here illegally regardless of whether they had a criminal record. Those marching orders could hit the California economy particularly hard. Many of the industries that depend heavily on immigrants already were experiencing a labor shortage.

Undocumented workers make up 10% of the labor force in California, USC researchers have estimated, and form a large chunk of the employment that drives massive industries such as agriculture and construction.

Undocumented people account for 45% of agriculture employment in California and 21% of construction workers, according to the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration. Smaller but significant portions of the workforce in food service, manufacturing, hospitality and entertainment are undocumented.

California is particularly dependent on immigrants and on undocumented workers not only because ...............


POLITICS/URBAN AFFAIRS: Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., report, local job gains/losses?: "L.A. County has traded high-paying jobs for low-paying ones" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "L.A. County has traded high-paying jobs for low-paying ones" - From the LAT:

Los Angeles County has recovered the jobs it lost during the recession. But a new report says the region’s job base has shifted over the last 10 years, losing tens of thousands of higher-paying manufacturing and finance jobs and gaining lower-paying service jobs.

The report, released Wednesday by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., says that since 2007, L.A. County has lost 89,000 manufacturing jobs, which had an average wage of $70,100 in 2016. More than half of these jobs were in durable goods manufacturing, such as computer or electronic products. About 15,500 apparel manufacturing jobs were lost during that time period.


During the same 10-year period, 35,000 jobs were lost in finance, accounting, architecture and engineering in the area. Those jobs paid an average wage of $85,000 in 2007, according to the economic group. The organization did not have 2016 wage comparisons for some of those jobs. 

Meanwhile, the county added 92,000 jobs in food service and 49,000 jobs in in-home support services. The average wage for food service jobs last year was $20,000, while the average wage for in-home support service workers was $14,000, according to the report.


Chris Thornberg, founding partner of Beacon Economics, who was not involved in the report, said ...............


POLITICS (National): Donald Trump presidency, various reports: "GOP to bury House resolution on Trump conflicts"; "Boehner: Obamacare repeal and replace 'not going to happen'"; "GOP Politicians Face Anger and Protests Over Trump at Town Halls";Commentary (Willie Brown), "Good news for Trump, but bad news may be just around the bend" .... 


POLITICS/EDUCATION: Los Angeles Unified School District, March 7 election, District 4: "Schoolboard Showdown" ....  

* The Argonaut:  "Schoolboard Showdown" - "Four Vie For a Seat that Could Tip the Ideological Balance of the LAUSD Board" - From The Argonaut:

As outside groups spend big on TV, radio and direct-mail advertising to define what’s at stake in the contest for the Westside’s seat on the LAUSD board, the candidates themselves have begun drawing stark contrasts among themselves in their own words.

Three candidates hope to unseat incumbent LAUSD Board President Steve Zimmer, who is seeking reelection to a third term. Education consultant Nick Melvoin taught at an LAUSD middle school before losing his job to seniority-based layoffs during the recession. Allison Holdorff Polhill is a parent organizer and longtime member of the Palisades Charter High School board of directors. Gregory Martayan is an education advocate and public relations specialist. With two other LAUSD board seats on the ballot elsewhere, the outcome of the race could redefine whether allies of the teachers unions or charter schools control the nation’s second-largest school district.

All contenders agree that the campaign has taken a turn toward mudslinging, due in large part to the influence of independent expenditure committees that had already poured over $2.5 million into the race as of a Jan. 26 reporting deadline.

Case in point:  . . . . . . . .

As for the candidates themselves, Martayan is now arguing race is an essential but overlooked component to the school board contest . . . . . . . .


In four separate interviews, each of the candidates spoke to The Argonaut about their positions on the controversial co-location of charter schools on traditional public school campuses, allocation of the school district’s $7.6-billion annual budget and the future of public schools in Los Angeles .....................


POLITICS (National, International/ Mexico): President Donald Trump, Mexico, deportations?: "White House calls U.S.-Mexico relationship 'phenmonal' as Mexican leaders lash out"; "Mexico says no to Trump's new deportation rules"; "Mexicans fear Trump deportation plan will lead to refugee camps along border"; "Mexico bristles at 'hostile' Trump deportation rules before U.S. talks" ....

***President Donald Trump, Mexico, new deportation rules?

* POLITICO:  "White House calls U.S.-Mexico relationship 'phenomenal' as Mexican leaders lash out" - "Mexico's foreign minister says the country 'will not accept' Trump's aggressive new immigration guidance."

* Reuters:  "Mexico bristles at 'hostile' Trump deportation rules before U.S. talks"

* USA Today:  "Mexico says no to Trump's new deportation rules"

* The Guardian:  "Mexicans fear Trump deportation plan will lead to refugee camps along border"