EVENING MEMOS: Demographics, "Diversity in Southern California's Asian immigrant community"; Orange County, "Air of discontent lingers around Huntington Beach school next to trash dump"; Bay Area, "Bay Bridge designer fears leaks are damaging main cable"; environment, "SolarCity builds high-efficiency solar panels" ....

***Various items this evening relating to the spectrum of politics and/or public policy....

* Daily News:  "Diversity in Southern California's Asian immigrant community"

* Orange County Register:  "Air of discontent lingers around Huntington Beach school next to trash dump"

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Bay Bridge designer fears leaks are damaging main cable"

* Los Angeles Times:  "SolarCity builds high-efficiency solar panels"



POLITICS/URBAN AFFAIRS: Party time, Hollywood Dell neighborhood?: Commentary (Steve Lopez), "The Yottas in Hollywood: It's their party and they'll do what they want to" ....  

* Los Angeles Times (Steve Lopez):  "The Yottas in Hollywood: It's their party and they'll do what they want to" - From the LAT:

You tend to notice when the new neighbors have a caged lion at their housewarming party, dress like Superman and Catwoman and install a mural of themselves on their garage door. In Los Angeles, home to both abject poverty and unprecedented excess, nothing is really shocking.

Annoying? That's different.

In Bel-Air, a homeowner is using nearly 12 million gallons of water annually while normal people go three days without flushing the toilet. In Beverly Hills, video captured a Qatar sheik's Ferrari dangerously speeding through neighborhood streets; when the police asked the sheik about it, he claimed diplomatic immunity. In Venice, residents were rattled by what they feared was a midnight terrorist attack at LAX, but it was just a fireworks party on Santa Monica Bay, thrown by the Kardashians. 

And in the quiet hillside hamlet of Hollywood Dell, people are talking about the couple who moved into a rental mansion in May, tastefully upgraded that garage door and began partying ........................


AFTERNOON MEMOS: Port of Los Angeles, SB 399, "Los Angeles waterfront gets helps from Gov. Brown"; Crenshaw gentrification, commentary, "A calm before the storm of Crenshaw"; County of Los Angeles, "L.A. County sheriff's officials close to jails to visitors for security assessment" ....  

***Various items this afternoon from across the spectrum of politics and/or public policy....

* Los Angeles Times (PolitiCal):  "Los Angeles waterfront gets help from Gov. Brown"

* Los Angeles Times:  "L.A. County sheriff's officials close jails to viistors for security assessment"

* Los Angeles Times (Nijla Mu'min):  "A calm before the storm of Crenshaw"


POLITICS/SPORTS (Bay Area): San Francisco, Proposition D, November ballot, S.F. Giants, "Mission Rock" project, commentary (Willie Brown): "Giants look to be political players with big ballpark development" ....

* San Francisco Chronicle (Willie Brown):  "Giants look to be political players with big ballpark development" - From the Chronicle:

On the field the Giants are done for the season, but off the field they are getting the bats ready for a postseason political play at the ballot box that could turn out to be as big a win as their three World Series championships.

On Nov. 3, the Giants will be asking San Francisco voters for the go-ahead to build a whole new neighborhood of high-rises, homes, restaurants and shops on the parking lot across McCovey Cove from AT&T Park. The $1.6 billion project is called Mission Rock, and the team just started hitting the airwaves with ads touting its benefits to the city.

If Proposition D passes — and every poll shows it will — the project will be a financial boon for the Giants, giving them a steady stream of money that they won’t have to share with other Major League Baseball teams. When it comes to being able to buy superstars, the new money will raise the Giants to the level of big-market teams like the Yankees, Red Sox and, yes, the Dodgers.

I have to tip my hat to Giants CEO Larry Baer and team general counsel Jack Bair on this one. They’ve worked hard behind the scenes to bring every building union, every housing advocate and every community group into the tent. . . . . . . . .

They even have former mayor and No Wall on the Waterfront leader Art Agnos on their side.

And not one word has been uttered about the project’s possible effects on traffic.

Most important, the Giants will be ..............


POLITICS (National): 2016 presidential election, Joe Biden candidacy?: "As deadlines pass, Biden remains opaque about a 2016 candidacy" ....  

* Washington Post:  "As deadlines pass, Biden remains opaque about a 2016 candidacy" - From the WP:

Another deadline has come and gone with no decision from Vice President Biden about his possible late-breaking entry into the presidential campaign.

Biden seems poised to continue his deliberations for several more weeks — and possibly into early November — leaving precious little time to launch a bid and get on the ballot in key early primary states. Prominent donors are being courted, and senior strategists with ties to President Obama’s past campaigns are in conversation with Biden’s team.

The continued indecision has made it all but certain that the vice president will not take part in the first Democratic debate Oct. 13 in Las Vegas, leaving the stage to the top two competitors, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), and several others.

At times, Biden sounds far from ready. But then there are moments like Thursday night, when Biden sprinkled his remarks to a Manhattan crowd with comments that sounded like someone with a keen interest in running. He made a reference to . . . . . . . .


When Biden talks like that, it feeds speculation that he is getting ready to join the race, and there is plenty of activity around him to suggest that he is overseeing a campaign in the making. And yet, there is a parallel universe of greater significance, the single factor that no one can overcome, which is that .................