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MEDIA: Elimination of 2,000 jobs at BBC, world's largest public broadcaster, radical change in programming, a "smaller, radically reshaped BBC".... 

* Washington Post:  "BBC says it will cut 2,000 jobs" - From the WP:

   The BBC said Thursday it intends to eliminate about 2,000 jobs and radically change its programming as it attempts to slash 20 percent from its budget over the next five years.

   Announcing the cuts in a report called “Delivering Quality First,” the BBC said the changes would be “the most far-reaching transformation in our history.” The BBC’s director general, Mark Thompson, told staff on Thursday that the changes — including the relocation of about 1,000 employees from London to Salford, outside Manchester — would mean “a smaller, radically reshaped BBC.”

   The world’s largest public broadcaster stressed that no television or radio stations would close but said the cuts would affect its chat and sports shows and would mean showing more repeats.


   The news came on the same day as a seminar on media ethics held as part of the Leveson inquiry, a panel set up in the wake of Britain’s phone-hacking scandal. Newspaper editors and media executives met to discuss, among other things, the economic pressures facing the industry.............



POLITICS: Medical marijuana, escalation of federal crackdown on California pot dispensaries.... 

***As noted here previously, federal prosecutors in California have escalated their crackdown on medical marijuana dispensaries in the state. Latest reports on this....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Feds escalate efforts to close California pot shops" - "The moves comes as a surprise to owners of medical marijuana dispensaries. 'It's a complete about-face' of Obama's promise not to target users of medical pot in states that allow it, one group's attorney says."

* Daily News (AP):  "Feds target pot shops for closure: Even legal dispensaries warned they must close within 45 days"


* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Cities can't give permits to pot clubs, court says"

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Oakland pot dispensary gets $2.5M IRS bill"


LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Settlement of litigation, L.A. County prosecutors' union lawsuit vs. District Attorney Steve Cooley, permanent injunction and $575,000 in penalties....

* Daily News:  "District Attorney settles in fight with prosecutors" - From the DN:

   The union representing Los Angeles County prosecutors took a big round this week in its battle with District Attorney Steve Cooley, with a tentative settlement granting it a permanent injunction and $575,000 in penalties. The deal calls for the county to pay $125,000 to the Association for Deputy District Attorneys and $450,000 to Deputy District Attorney Marc Debbaudt, who had alleged retaliation for his union activities.

   The settlement, still subject to Board of Supervisors' approval, also made permanent a temporary court injunction ordering Cooley to refrain from harassing or intimidating ADDA members based on their union membership.


   ADDA attorney Matthew Monforton called the deal a major victory against Cooley.  "Cooley's days of retaliating against union supporters are over, and his legacy will be stained by being the first DA in the nation to require federal oversight of his office," Monforton said.

   Cooley had no comment, but Brian Hershman, a private attorney who represented the county in the matter, said he did not consider the settlement a major setback for Cooley or the county. "Cooley has not been enjoined from any action," Hershman said. "There has been a temporary injunction in place since March 2010, and there have been no problems." Hershman, with the firm of Jones Day, also insisted there had been no instances of retaliation against prosecutors who were part of the union..............


MORNING MEMOS: SB 185, editorial, "backdoor affirmative action"; report, slowing of foreign immigration to California while impact increases; commentary, California realignment finances "very shaky"; State Compensation Insurance Fund, layoffs, one-quarter of agency workforce... 

***A variety of items this morning.....

* Los Angeles Times (editorial):  "Backdoor affirmative action" - "We're sorry Californians voted for Prop. 209. But the Legislature's attempt to undo it is wrong."

* Sacramento Bee (Dan Walters):  "California's realignment finances very shaky"

* Sacramento Bee:  "Foreign immigration slows, but impact increases"

* Sacramento Bee:  "California state insurance fund moves to lay off a quarter of its workers"


POLITICS (Bay Area): San Francisco mayor's race, controversy, investigation into large donations to Ed Lee campaign in the names of low-level employees of company with business issues at City Hall.... 

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Ed Lee returns suspicious funds from van service" - From the Chronicle:

   Seventeen employees of a San Francisco airport van service donated $8,500 to Mayor Ed Lee's election campaign about two weeks after the airport announced it was reversing a decision on van placement that the company had complained about, city records show. Airport Director John Martin and Lee's staff both maintain the mayor in no way intervened on behalf of the van operator, Go Lorrie's Airport Shuttle. "It was strictly my decision," Martin said.

   Lee's campaign returned the contributions Thursday, along with three contributions from spouses of Go Lorrie's employees and another three employees whose contributions came after the Sept. 24 filing deadline, because an internal review showed that at least one of the donors had not certified that the contribution was actually their own money, campaign spokesman Tony Winnicker said. The 23 combined donations totaled more than $10,000. It's a violation of state election law to donate in someone else's name or be reimbursed for a contribution.

   "We've had suspicions about these for a while," Winnicker said. "I don't want there to be any doubt that we returned these contributions as a result of our own concerns about the sources."  The donations - each the $500 maximum allowed under city law - came from some senior staff at the company, including the director of operations, but they also included 10 drivers, two dispatchers and an accountant clerk, campaign finance documents show.

   "Just the mere fact that a large number of employees, many of whom are low-level employees, that would start us looking at this kind of a thing," said Ann Ravel, chairwoman of the state Fair Political Practices Commission. "We will definitely be looking at it."

   Calls to the homes of several of the employees who donated to the Lee campaign were not returned, or the donors declined to comment Thursday...................

* Bay Citizen:  "Shuttle Drivers: Boss Made Us Donate to Lee" - "State opens investigation into activities that may violate campaign finance laws" - From the Bay Citizen:

   A manager at GO Lorrie’s, one of the largest passenger shuttle companies at San Francisco International Airport, solicited and reimbursed as much as $8,000 in contributions from employees to the election campaign of interim Mayor Ed Lee, employees told The Bay Citizen this week. If so, such actions may violate the California Political Reform Act, which prohibits donors from channeling money through others to sidestep contribution limits...................