LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Orange County): Various reports: Santa Ana, "Santa Ana City Manager Gets a Raise After All"; Anaheim, "Chamber No Longer in Charge of Anaheim's State of the City Address"; O.C., "Hiring of Political Aides Under Scrutiny at County" ....

***Politics and/or public policy in Orange County, various reports....

* Voice of OC:  "Santa Ana City Manager Gets a Raise After All"

* Voice of OC:  "Hiring of Political Aides Under Scrutiny at County"

* Voice of OC:  "Chamber No Longer in Charge of Anaheim's State of the City Address"


POLITICS (National, State): Barbara Boxer, U.S. Senate seat, early endorsements of Kamala Harris: "Latinos Angry at D.C. Democrats" ....

* Politico:  "Latinos Angry at D.C. Democrats" - "The rush by Democrats in Washington to back California's Kamala Harris for Senate raises hackles" - From Politico:

The procession of prominent Washington Democrats who lined up last week to sing the praises of California Attorney General Kamala Harris for Senate had the feel of an anointment. Sen. Cory Booker said he was “so excited” about her candidacy. Sen. Elizabeth Warren called Harris, a favorite of the Obama White House, “smart” and “tough.” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told supporters she needed Harris “by my side.”

But back in California, a backlash is brewing among Latinos, who say the Democratic establishment’s quick embrace of Harris threatens to deny a Hispanic candidate a fair shot at the state’s first open Senate seat in more than two decades. Latinos are an outsize force in California politics: With nearly 40 percent of the population, they have moved ahead of whites to become the state’s largest demographic group. Since 1990, Latino representation in the Legislature has more than tripled, and Hispanics have been chosen in recent years to lead both chambers of the state Capitol.

Nothing against Harris, Latino officials say, but there needs to be a level competition for the seat that Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer is vacating in 2016. “National figures should slow their roll a bit and allow this process to evolve naturally so we can all rally around one strong Democratic candidate,” said state Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León, a Los Angeles Democrat. “I think Hispanic leaders are concerned about some kind of coronation, as opposed to a real electoral campaign,” added Arturo Vargas, the executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials . . . . . . . .


During a recent meeting on Capitol Hill, members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus voiced concern about the developments in the California race ...........................


POLITICS (National, Local/Los Angeles): 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, Los Angeles: "Pro-Clinton group plans to raise money in downtown L.A." ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Pro-Clinton group plans to raise money in downtown L.A." - From the LAT:

As Hillary Rodham Clinton edges closer to announcing whether she will seek the White House next year, a group urging the former secretary of State to run is planning a Latino-themed fundraiser next month in downtown Los Angeles.

The Super PAC “Ready for Hillary” will raise money at the City Club on Feb. 20, according to an invitation obtained by The Times. Among the event organizers are Reps. Grace Napolitano, Lucille Roybal-Allard and Loretta Sanchez, as well as former Assembly Speaker Fabian Nuñez. Attendees will contribute as much as $5,000 to attend.

The group is among several formed in anticipation of a second White House bid by the Democrat. It limits donations to $25,000.


Though Clinton has declined to confirm that she will run for the presidency, her potential GOP rivals are taking her involvement as a given. The most recent effort to discredit her came from .............


SACRAMENTO: Follow-up, Capitol "dining": "Officials parting ways with Capitol's longtime basement cafe, future uncertain" ....

***Following up on earlier item noted here (Capitol "dining," closure of Griselda's Cafe, vermin, health code violations, etc.)....

* Sacramento Bee:  "Officials parting ways with Capitol's longtime basement cafe, future uncertain" - From the Bee:

California legislative officials and the operator of Griselda’s World Cafe in the Capitol basement have agreed to part ways, effective Feb. 6, following the cafe’s recent closure by county health inspectors after they found roaches and other health and safety violations. But when, or whether, the Capitol basement will again present a dining option for the legions of lobbyists, legislative employees, tourists and other Capitol visitors remains unknown. What’s clear is that the Capitol will be a one-cafe building until further notice.

Debra Gravert, the chief administrative officer for the Assembly Rules Committee, said workers will evaluate the cafeteria space after Griselda’s employees finish clearing out. The goal, Gravert said, is to figure out what needs to be overhauled, repaired or replaced in the space, located in one of the oldest parts of the original 140-year-old-plus Capitol building. “We’ve got to know what’s really down there,” Gravert said. What officials do next, and when the basement might once again offer a full-service place to eat, “I couldn’t even imagine,” she said ..........


POLITICS/MEDIA (South Bay/Los Angeles): More info/details, Carson, City Hall unhappiness with local newspaper, proposed boycott: "Carson officials slam Daily Breeze, but back off planned boycott" ....

***Following up on earlier item noted here (Carson, City Hall unhappiness with local newspaper Daily Breeze, introduction of resolution proposing boycott)....

* Daily Breeze:  "Carson officials slam Daily Breeze, but back off planned boycott" - From the DB:

Carson Mayor Jim Dear and Councilman Al Robles blasted the Daily Breeze this week for what they contend is negative and inaccurate reporting of the city but backed off a resolution urging the city to pull its advertising and residents and businesses to boycott the newspaper.

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the two accused the Breeze of portraying Carson in a “negative” light, routinely fabricating news reports based on gossip, and publishing letters to the editor from people they don’t like. Robles accused the paper of casting “aspersions on our great city” and publishing news stories designed to reflect poorly on Carson.  “They’re very negative to the city of Carson,” Dear said. “I am a very strong supporter of the First Amendment. I believe people should be able to say whatever they want as long as it doesn’t cause a crime or a violent act to take place.”

Though Dear offered mostly generalizations about how the city has been wronged by the Breeze, Robles took the paper to task for using the phrases “near Carson” and “West Carson” to describe events that occur in the unincorporated Los Angeles County strip bordering the city. Most residents of West Carson have Torrance mailing addresses even though they do not live in Torrance.

Robles claimed only the Daily Breeze uses the term West Carson, when, in fact, that is the official government census tract designation of the area of 22,000 residents sandwiched between Carson and Los Angeles’ Harbor Gateway.


Robles proposed the resolution urging the city to not spend advertising money with the Daily Breeze and not to subscribe to the newspaper. Additionally. . . . . . . .

Several residents questioned the wisdom of the city trying to stifle a constitutionally protected free press.  “I don’t understand why this item is on the agenda,” resident Faye Walton said. “This seems like a boycott on the Daily Breeze, and I didn’t know the city of Carson was in the business of telling citizens what to boycott.”


Executive Editor Michael Anastasi wrote a letter to Carson officials in response to the proposed boycott, calling it “interesting” that the city’s resolution immediately followed a news article published about .....................