POLITICS/DEMOGRAPHICS (population growth, California cities): "San Jose joins list of million-person cities" ....

* Sacramento Bee:  "San Jose joins list of million-person cities" - From the Bee:

San Jose, the center of California’s booming Silicon Valley, has joined the elite list of 10 U.S. cities with more than 1 million residents, according to a new Census Bureau estimate.

San Jose’s elevation, placing it in the company of Los Angeles and San Diego, means California has three cities on the list, tying Texas (Houston, San Antonio and Dallas). New York City remains the nation’s most populous city. Others on the list are Chicago, Philadelphia and Phoenix.

Orange County’s Irvine popped up in the Census Bureau report as one of four California cities on the 15-city list of largest numerical gainers, along with Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose.

Irvine, which grew by 11,420 residents or 4.8 percent in the previous year, is the only U.S. city to be both a high numerical gainer and a high percentage gainer.One California city, Cerritos, is on the list of U.S. cities to cross the 50,000-resident mark for the first time.


LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Bay Area): San Francisco, regulation, Airbnb, "hotelization" of neighborhoods, commentary (Robin Abcarian): "In San Francisco, a battle over the 'hotelization' of neighborhoods" ....

* Los Angeles Times (Robin Abcarian):  "In San Francisco, a battle over the 'hotelization' of neighborhoods" - From the LAT:

It's hard to find people here who are neutral about Airbnb, the explosively successful tech firm that has disrupted more than just the hotel business.

Judith Davis, 71, loves the short-term rental platform. A quintessential San Franciscan, Davis was married to the man who discovered Janis Joplin. She owns a memorabilia-filled Queen Anne Victorian in Noe Valley. She says she cannot make ends meet, let alone keep up with home repairs, on her $965 monthly Social Security check. For five years, she has rented out the lower level of her home on Airbnb for $125 a night, earning a whole lot more than when she had a full-time tenant. If the city enacts a proposed limit on the number of nights she can rent out her house, she said, "I will lose half my income. And it wasn't that much to begin with."

Two miles away, in West Portal, Libby Noronha, a 66-year-old federal government retiree, told me she is not a fan of Airbnb. Noronha bought her traditional two-story detached stucco home in 2012, on what she believed to be a quiet residential street. She soon learned that her next-door neighbor, a computer engineer, advertised three rooms of his house on Airbnb. She might not have minded, except the entrance to two of the units is a side door located in the 70-inch-wide passage between their homes.

"He has as many as six people coming and going, virtually all the time," she said. "There's luggage rolling on concrete. My dog is barking at 2 in the morning. It drives me nuts, frankly."Nor is she sympathetic to people like Davis, who have become the face of Airbnb's campaign to fend off regulation. "The entire argument for Airbnb is the whining: 'Oh, I can't afford to stay here if I don't rent out my rooms,'" she said. "What were these people doing before Airbnb?"

A handful of California cities have begun to address the "hotelization" of their residential neighborhoods. But in San Francisco, which has been transformed by the tech industry, the battle seems more pitched ...........................


L.A. CITY HALL: Los Angeles City Council, District 4 election, David Ryu, first Korean American: "Strong support in Koreatown propels David Ryu to L.A. City Council victory"; also, "Koreatown celebrates election of David Ryu to L.A. City Council seat" ....

***Los Angeles City Council, District 4, election of David Ryu, first Korean American....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Strong support in Koreatown propels David Ryu to L.A. City Council victory"

* Los Angeles Times:  "Koreatown celebrates election of David Ryu to L.A. City Council seat"


POLITICS/EDUCATION: University of California system, out-of-state students: "UC financial aid to out-of-state students a surprise to many" ....

* Sacramento Bee:  "UC financial aid to out-of-state students a surprise to many" - From the Bee:

In 18 years as a college counselor in Santa Fe, Jennifer Dryfoos has sent many students to the University of California. But for the first time this year, a needy advisee received a financial aid package from the university. Dryfoos said she was so stunned by the offer, which included $23,000 in grants and scholarships, that she called the school to check that it was real. Her student will attend UC Santa Cruz this fall for less than it would cost a Californian. “I tell students, ‘If you need financial aid, don’t even consider applying to the UC,’” she said. “This blew me away.”

California lawmakers aren’t the only ones surprised to discover that UC offers institutional aid to out-of-state students. Many college counselors have long discouraged applicants because of its high cost for nonresidents – a $23,000 supplemental fee, on top of about $34,000 for tuition, supplies and living expenses – and the difficulty of covering that expense with just federal and private scholarships.

An Assembly budget subcommittee recently uncovered $32 million that UC spent on institutional aid for nonresidents in 2013-14, leading to a blistering hearing at the Capitol last week. The university defended the program as only fair, given that a third of all UC tuition revenue automatically goes to a financial aid pool for needy students. Nonresidents should be able to benefit if they contribute, officials said, and they have for decades, as long as out-of-state students have been attending UC.

But the amount provided to out-of-state students has grown in recent years, as the university turned increasingly to recruiting outside of California to make up for massive budget cuts during the recession .....................


AFTERNOON MEMOS: Sacramento, "Calderon corruption trial pushed back more than six months"; Bay Area, "Mayor Lee ups ante with $500 million affordable housing plan"; Orange County, Fullerton City Council, Curt Pringle & Associates, "Councilwoman's Work Reveals Limits of Disclosure Law"; legal, "Federal 'maternity tourism' case grows with arrest of O.C. attorney" ....  

***Various items this afternoon from across the spectrum of politics and/or public policy....

* Sacramento Bee:  "Calderon corruption trial pushed back more than six months"

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Mayor Lee ups ante with $500 million affordable housing plan"

* Los Angeles Times:  "Federal 'maternity tourism' case grows with arrest of O.C. attorney"

* Voice of OC:  "Councilwoman's Work Reveals Limits of Disclosure Law"