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POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION (New York): New York City transportation/ traffic management system, congestion pricing, "Cuomo Calls Manhattan Traffic Plan an Idea 'Whose Time Has Come'"; also, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, "'Czar of Infrastructure' Embraces Role as Pillar for Port Authority" .... 

***New York, transportation/traffic management system; also, Port Authority of New York and Jersey....

* New York Times (Patrick McGeehan):  "'Czar of Infrastructure' Embraces Role as Pillar for Port Authority"

* New York Times (Marc Santora):  "Cuomo Calls Manhattan Traffic Plan an Idea 'Whose Time Has Come'"


SACRAMENTO: State politics, big business, support for Democrats?: "Scramble of State Politics Leaves Business in the Middle" ....

***State politics, big business, support for Democrats?

* Fox & Hounds (Joel Fox):  "Scramble of State Politics Leaves Business in the Middle" - From F&H:

As state politics is scrambled from the left and the right, it is appropriate to wonder where the big business community comes down when donating to candidates in the next statewide election.

There is a revolt in both parties. Republican activists want the Assembly leader, Chad Mayes, to give up his leadership post—indeed some want him to resign from office—because he rounded up votes to help pass the cap-and-trade bill. He secured enough Republican votes to allow some Democrats in competitive districts to vote against the cap-and-trade bill and thus allow those Democrats to avoid having to explain the increase costs of gasoline and goods and services that are expected to accompany the extended cap-and-trade regulations.

But major business organizations favored cap-and-trade, echoing Mayes’ reasoning that if the cap-and-trade bill were not passed a more onerous command and control mandate would come down on business from the Air Resources Board to reduce greenhouse gases.

Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is hearing it from the left wing of the Democratic Party over stopping the single payer health care bill because of extraordinary costs, among other reasons. But the major business organizations also saw the single payer plan and its enormous price tag as a real threat to the California economy and was happy to see the bill go away, at least for now.

Then there was the gas tax the legislature passed in April .................


POLITICS (National, International/ Russia): U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin: "Combative Trump Pulls His Punches for One Man: Putin" ....

***U.S. President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin....

* New York Times (Peter Baker):  "Combative Trump Pulls His Punches for One Man: Putin" - From the NYT:

BRIDGEWATER, N.J. — The roster of villains in President Trump’s world is legion. The list of people he has been willing, even eager, to publicly attack includes not just Mitch McConnell, his latest target, but Jeff Sessions, Chuck Schumer, Paul D. Ryan, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

And don’t forget James B. Comey, Robert S. Mueller III, Andrew G. McCabe, Rod J. Rosenstein, John D. Podesta, Nancy Pelosi, Lisa Murkowski, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rosie O’Donnell, Meryl Streep, the mayor of London and the cast of “Saturday Night Live.” The countries he has assailed include not just North Korea and Iran but also Germany, Canada, Mexico, China and Sweden. But for all of that feistiness, for all of those verbal and online fisticuffs, there is one person who is definitely not on Mr. Trump’s target list: President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia.

Ever since Mr. Trump jumped into political life, Washington has scratched its collective head over his curious affinity for the strongman of the Kremlin. But the president’s determination to avoid saying anything even remotely critical of Mr. Putin was brought home in stark relief on Thursday when he twisted himself into a knot over a question about the Russian leader’s decision to order the United States Embassy to slash its staff by more than half. Rather than complain, Mr. Trump expressed gratitude ...................


INTERNATIONAL (China): Shanghai, China, new subway system, comparison to New York City?: "Shanghai's Subway Looks to New York, but Not for Everything" ....

***Shanghai, China, new subway system, comparison to New York City?

* New York Times (Keith Bradsher):  "Shanghai's Subway Looks to New York, but Not for Everything" - From the NYT:

SHANGHAI — New York commuters suffer regular delays. Aging tracks at Penn Station are being rebuilt after a series of derailments. The entire subway system is operating under a state of emergency. Halfway around the world, China is rushing to build new subway systems. Here in Shanghai, three new lines are being extended this year. Trains are nearly always on time. Chinese officials are quick to say that New York has a model public transport network, albeit one they aspire to emulate more closely in some respects than others.

While the New York system is aging, it still shows the soaring ambition of its original creators in its bold design — express tunnels and stations bring together up to a dozen lines. Shanghai’s is clean, efficient and constantly expanding. But its development also reflects a preoccupation with managing vast crowds and avoiding stampedes, which results in a layout that can make trips longer.

Fares on Shanghai’s subway are 3 to 4 renminbi, or 45 to 60 cents, for all but the longest journeys. To the extent that wages in the Chinese city are about a sixth that of New York, they roughly compare to the $2.75 fares in New York. But the similarities largely end there ......................


L.A. CITY HALL: Los Angeles Police Dept., L.A. Police Commission: "LAPD officer cleared in shooting death of teen chase suspect"; "Police Commission decides officer was justified in fatally shooting 18-year-old in South L.A."; "Protesters halt L.A. Police Commission meeting about fatal shooting of 18-year-old"; "3 Arrested at Meeting Where L.A. Police Commission Decides . . ."  ....