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L.A. CITY HALL: Mayor's race, integrity of donors, who took donations from whom? accidental sending of official city documents to political advisers?....

***L.A. mayor's race, integrity of donors, who took money from whom? accidental sending of official city financial documents to political advisers?

* Daily News:  "Wendy Greuel calls on Eric Garcetti to return felon's donations"


POLITICS (Local, National): Obama to return to Los Angeles, Democratic National Committee fundraising luncheon on June 7, 2013.... 

* President Obama to be in Los Angeles, Democratic National Committee fundraising luncheon on June 7, 2013, at the Santa Monica home of Peter and Megan Chernin:

Ticket prices, per person:

$32,400 - Luncheon co-chair (includes special discussion and VIP photo reception

$16,200 - Luncheon VIP Guest (includes VIP photo reception)

$10,000 - Luncheon guest 


POLITICS/SPORTS (Bay Area): Santa Clara, construction of new 49ers stadium, coalition of civil rights groups threatening to sue over "lack of minority-owned businesses" being awarded contracts to work on the new stadium....

* San Jose Mercury News:  "49ers stadium leaders refute racism charges lodged by civil rights groups" - From the MN:

A coalition of civil rights groups is threatening to sue over what it calls a lack of minority-owned businesses working on the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium, though project officials deny those claims and say they gave contractors of all races an equal opportunity to participate. The budding hot-button issue centers on the racial breakdown of the owners of companies that won dozens of lucrative contracts to build the $1.2 billion Santa Clara stadium, a tricky proposition in a state that has banned affirmative action.

On one side is a consortium of civil rights lawyers with a history of suing public agencies, along with groups that promote black and Latino contractors and other businesses. In a letter to the city of Santa Clara, the 49ers and NFL last Friday and in interviews this week, they said they could not find any minority-owned companies working on the project and argued that black-owned firms should have gotten more of the construction contracts largely because African-American players are behind the team's success on the field.


But project officials said that under Proposition 209, an anti-affirmative-action law passed by California voters in 1996, they were required to be "color blind" when they selected the firms that won roughly 60 public subcontracts worth more than $700 million. Those contracts range from plumbing to electrical work to steel fabrication and were awarded over the past two years to firms owned by people of a variety of races and ethnicities, city officials and developers said. But they could not provide specific examples.


The civil rights groups charge that project officials should have specifically reached out to minority-owned businesses to let them know of the stadium contracts. They claim the opportunity to apply for the bulk of the work zipped by the minority-owned contractors without their notice between summer 2011 and fall 2012..................


POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION: Update, broken-bolt investigation, Bay Bridge, new eastern span, report, "Bay Bridge bolts need to be tested," results to determine whether the new span will open as scheduled....

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Bay Bridge bolts need to be tested" - From the Chronicle:

Steel bolts on the new Bay Bridge eastern span provided by the same company that supplied 32 rods that failed when they were tightened must undergo rigorous testing to determine if they are also at risk of cracking, Caltrans officials said Wednesday. The outcome of those tests, expected within two weeks, will determine whether the $6.4 billion span will open to traffic the day after Labor Day as scheduled, Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty said after briefing Bay Area transportation officials about the broken-bolt investigation at a meeting in Oakland.

An Ohio company, Dyson Corp., supplied the 32 bolts that failed last month and an additional batch of 192 rods delivered in 2010. Dougherty said visual inspections have revealed no problems with the 2010 bolts. Like the 32 that arrived at the span in 2008, those bolts are intended to hold down seismic-safety structures. Further tests to gauge their long-term vulnerability to cracking will be the "key driver" in determining whether the bridge opens Sept. 3, Dougherty said. . . . . . . . .

"I don't know whether or not we can count on the 2010 bolts yet," Dougherty said. "If the 2010 bolts are in the same category as the 2008 bolts, they may have to be changed out before we open up the bridge."

The 32 failed bolts, which cracked when they were tightened, were among 96 bolts delivered in 2008 that Caltrans has now written off as unusable...............


* Sacramento Bee:  "Caltrans plans to have repair timetable for new Bay Bridge span by May 8"


POLITICS (National): New Gallup Poll: Nancy Pelosi is best known, "most polarizing," least liked in U.S. House of Representatives....

* San Francisco Chronicle (PoliticsBlog):  "New poll: Nancy Pelosi is best known, 'most polarizing,' least liked in House" - From the Chronicle:

Democratic Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco is the best known House member, but here’s the downside — she’s also the least popular and “most polarizing,” according to a new Gallup Poll.

The poll, taken April 11-14, showed nearly 80 percent of Americans have “some impression” of House Minority Leader Pelosi, while 21% do not. The Gallup folks say that’s become “either because they have no opinion about the California congresswoman and former House speaker,” or because they have been living on some other planet (our commentary here) and “they have never heard of her.”

Compare Pelosi’s recognition numbers with 72% for Republican House Speaker John Boehner, 65% for Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and 60% for Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. But the poll released today also showed Pelosi’s favorable ratings at 31 percent, with her unfavorable ratings at 48 percent.

Gallup says “her resulting net -17 image score compares with -11 for Reid, -10 for Boehner, and -8 for McConnell.” Moreoever, Gallup says “Pelosi rates as the most polarizing of the four congressional leaders, a distinction she also held the last time all four were rated, in May 2010.”


Here’s the whole poll.