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LOCAL GOVERNMENT: Los Angeles, "Nearly 200 Seniors From Westwood Retirement Home Face Eviction"; O.C., "Anaheim school distrists sue to shut down charter school"; Long Beach, "Citing security concerns, Lowenthal asks feds to probe any sale of Westin Hotel in Long Beach to foreign entities"; O.C., "Buena Park church vandalized with swastikas in what police say could be a hate crime" ....

***Various items relating to local issues/local government, in and/or around Southern California...

* NBC4 Los Angeles: "Nearly 200 Seniors From Westwood Retirement Home Face Eviction"

* Orange County Register:  "Anaheim school districts sue to shut down charter school"

* Long Beach Press-Telegram:  "Citing security risks, Lowenthal asks feds to probe any sale of Westin Hotel in Long Beach to foreign entities"

* Los Angeles Times:  "Buena Park church vandalized with swastikas in what police say could be a hate crime"


POLITICS (National, State, Local/Bay Area): President-elect Donald Trump, "RESISTANCE" to his politics/policies: Report/analysis (Joe Garofoli), "The Resistance to Trump is rooted in the Bay Area"; also, editorial, "California Looks to Lead the Trump Resistance" ....

***President-elect Donald Trump, "RESISTANCE" to his politics/policies...

* San Francisco Chronicle (Joe Garofoli):  "The Resistance to Trump is rooted in the Bay Area"

* New York Times (editorial):  "California Looks to Lead the Trump Resistance"


L.A. CITY HALL: Street vendors, legalization, regulation?: Editorial, "Legalize and decriminalize street vending" ....

* Los Angeles Times (editorial):  "Legalize and decriminalize street vending" - From the LAT:

There’s one small silver lining to the election of Donald Trump: It has forced Los Angeles City Council members to get moving on the long-stalled proposal to legalize and regulate street vending.

Despite the fact that street vendors are practically everywhere in L.A., hawking hot dogs, fresh fruit, toys and even toilet paper to willing buyers, they are illegal under city law. That law is widely ignored by both the vendors and law enforcement — until it’s not. Police and city inspectors occasionally crack down, ticketing or arresting people and often confiscating their carts and merchandise. But the street commerce quickly resumes. The lack of consistent enforcement means that vendors can clutter the sidewalk with carts and trash.


The threat of criminal charges has always been a concern for immigrants living in the country without authorization, but the concern has turned into outright fear now that President-elect Trump has promised to deport immigrants who are living in the country illegally and who have criminal records. In response, Councilmen Curren Price and Joe Buscaino have revived the council’s dormant proposal on peddling and pledged to legalize and decriminalize street vending as soon as possible.

Of course nobody should be deported for simply selling tacos or T-shirts on the sidewalk. Nor should the city criminalize people who are trying to make an honest living . . . . .However, while there finally seems to be general agreement that street vending should be legal, the next big fight will be over where it should be allowed and who gets to make that decision.

The proposal put forth by Price and Buscaino would ................


POLITICS (National, State): 34th Congressional District, special election to succeed Rep. Xavier Becerra: "John A. Perez drops congressional bid to focus on health"; also, "Former Assembly Speaker John A. Perez decides against running for Rep. Xavier Becerra's congressional seat" .... 

* Sacramento Bee:  "John A. Perez drops congressional bid to focus on health" - From the Bee:

Former Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez announced Saturday that he is withdrawing from the contest to succeed Rep. Xavier Becerra, citing an unspecified health issue, scrambling the race that was triggered by Becerra’s surprise nomination as state attorney general.

Pérez, a Democrat from Los Angeles, had amassed a long list of endorsements, but was not able to clear the candidate field. Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez entered the race last week, and several local officials and activists have expressed interest since Gov. Jerry Brown selected Becerra.

Pérez did not disclose his ailment, but said he’s spoken to doctors over the last two days who helped him determine the best course of action.“As a result, I am immediately turning my focus to that, which prevents me from giving my campaign and the community the time and attention that are necessary to run a campaign our community can be proud of,” Pérez said.

The former legislative leader, who serves on the University of California Board of Regents and consults for clients in organized labor, said he plans to take the next few days off as he prepares to focus on his health .........


* Los Angeles Times:  "Former Assembly Speaker John A. Perez decides against running for Rep. Xavier Becerra's congressional seat"


POLITICS (National, State): 2016 presidential election, California?: "As California confronts Trump, rural Republicans hunker down" ....

* POLITICO (David Siders):  "As California confronts Trump, rural Republicans hunker down" - From POLITICO:

FORT JONES, Calif. — Frost settled on cattle ranches and pine groves in this conservative outpost of California, amid a more political chill over the state’s emergence as a national counterweight to Donald Trump.

While the state’s dwindling number of conservatives had celebrated an unexpected victory in Trump’s election last month, they are now facing a harsh reality in which a backlash threatens to push their state further to the left. And it’s already underway — with super-majorities in both houses of the Legislature, Democrats this week began mustering a vigorous resistance to the president-elect, introducing measures to protect undocumented immigrants and promising similar movement on health care and the environment. “They’re empowered now, and they’re mad,” said Mark Baird, who fixed an American flag to his barn on his ranch outside Fort Jones one recent morning. “It’s over. This is Stalinist Russia.”


California’s minority party has little leverage to resist legislation Democratic lawmakers propose. In addition to their shrinking numbers in the Legislature, no Republican holds statewide office and party registration has fallen to 26 percent statewide. The state has become so reliably liberal that Kevin Starr, a former state librarian and one of California’s foremost historians, described last week what he called the emergence of a left-leaning “party of California.”

“By a party of California, I don’t mean everybody sings ‘Hail California,’ or ‘I love you, California,’” Starr said at an event at University of Southern California. “But that you begin to have political identities . . . . . . . .

Yet whole regions of California resemble other parts of the country more closely than they do Los Angeles or San Francisco ....................