POLITICS (Bay Area): Controversy, Bay Area Rapid Transit District, follow-up report, editorial, "abusive leave program for managers".... 

***Following up on earlier item noted here (highest-paid BART "worker" in 2012 - former general manager who was forced out in 2011)....

* Oakland Tribune:  "BART chief: Policies behind predecessor's $330,000 vacation pay deserves review"

* Oakland Tribune (editorial):  "BART must end abusive leave program for managers"


L.A. CITY HALL: Port of Los Angeles, Clean Truck Program, reports + full text, U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down part of POLA's anti-smog trucking plan....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Supreme Court strikes down parts of L.A. port's Clean Truck Program" - From the LAT:

The Supreme Court handed the American Trucking Assn. a partial victory on Thursday, ruling that drivers don't have to affix the "How am I driving?" placards on its trucks or have off-site parking plans in order to haul goods in and out of the Port of Los Angeles. The trucking association sued the city of Los Angeles, which operates the port, to overturn the Clean Truck Program.

The program, enacted in 2008 to curb pollution at the largest port in the country, sought to restrict the types of trucks that carried goods to and from the port. Trucking companies had to abide by rules such as placing placards on trucks that listed a phone number to report environmental or safety concerns. If companies violated these rules, they were subject to criminal penalties.

The court unanimously struck down the placard provision, as well as another rule that required trucking companies to have off-street parking locations when trucks were not in service.


In a brief statement, port and city officials said their attorneys were reviewing the ruling to determine how it would affect operations.

The Supreme Court did not rule on another issue regarding whether the port could use other parts of the agreement to punish violations. On those issues, it sent the case back to a lower court for further consideration.


* KPCC Radio:  "Supreme Court overturns part of Port of Los Angeles's anti-smog trucking plan (Full decision"


L.A. CITY HALL: Mayor-elect Eric Garcetti, L.A. County Federation of Labor, Maria Elena Durazo, report, "Garcetti, County Fed Leader Haven't Spoken Since Election"....

* Downtown News:  "Garcetti, County Fed Leader Haven't Spoken Since Election" - From the DTN:

In the May 21 mayor’s race, the city’s biggest labor organization came up short when it backed Wendy Greuel, who lost to Eric Garcetti. Three weeks later, the organization’s leader and the mayor-elect have yet to speak. That is what Maria Elena Durazo, executive secretary-treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, said Tuesday afternoon in her first major address following the union’s backing of Greuel. In addition to endorsing her, the County Fed spent heavily on her behalf.

“I have not spoken to [Garcetti] personally myself, but I am positive we will find a way to work with each other based on our issues,” said Durazo during an event at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel hosted by the organization Town Hall-Los Angeles. “It’s not the first time, as somebody wrote in an article, that our labor-endorsed candidate didn’t win for mayor, and we figured it out before.”

Durazo was referring to two other mayoral elections this millennium. . . . . . . . .

Garcetti defeated Greuel 54%-46%. The victory came in spite of Greuel having nearly $7.3 million spent on her behalf by labor organizations including the County Fed and the union representing most Department of Water and Power employees. Garcetti benefitted from about $2.5 million in independent expenditures.

Durazo’s comments to a handful of reporters after her talk were forthright and direct. . . . . . . “We can’t go back and undo the endorsement,” she said. . . . . . . .

Durazo was introduced by Downtown developer Jim Thomas, who called her “a very powerful woman.” During the address in front of about 50 people, she touched on a number of topics, with a concentration on the dwindling middle class and labor’s role in protecting jobs and the rights and safety of workers.

She also referenced the sale of the Los Angeles Times.............


POLITICS (Orange County): Anaheim City Council, proposal for restructuring elections in OC's largest city, report, "Anaheim again balks at putting council districts on ballot".... 

* Los Angeles Times:  "Anaheim again balks at putting council districts on ballot" - From the LAT:

It's been nearly a year since officials in Anaheim -- pressured by anger and violent street protests over ethnic divisions in Orange County's largest city -- first floated a ballot measure that would alter the structure of City Council elections in an effort to diversify representation. But on Tuesday, council members again decided to hold off on the measure  after a contentious meeting that demonstrated that, even with time, heated feelings in the city haven't diminished.

Anaheim has seen a dramatic ethnic shift in recent years and now about 52% of the city's 336,000 residents are Latino, though only a few Latinos have won council seats. The city is also one of the few large municipalities that does not have council districts.

On Tuesday, Councilwoman Kris Murray argued in favor of moving forward prudently, because the measure had the potential to bring "wholesale change" to Anaheim. But Mayor Tom Tait, who proposed and supported the measure last year amid a summer of discontent and violence, pushed for it to be approved immediately, citing mounting legal bills — nearing a half-million dollars — in the city's fight against a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union charging underrepresentation of Latinos. 


The discord centered on whether to switch the council's longstanding at-large setup to one that would have council members representing districts within the city. Proponents of the council districts contend that system would encourage better political representation for poorer, predominantly Latino communities. But those critical of the district plan suggested such zoning would further divide the city, encouraging segregation............


POLITICS (State, Local): Bob Hertzberg candidacy for state Senate, editorial, "Bob Hertzberg must earn Valley voters' support"....

* Daily News (Editorial):  "Bob Hertzberg must earn Valley voters' support" - From the DN:

Is the election over? Has a winner been anointed? Has the race for state Senate in the San Fernando Valley been wrapped up by Bob Hertzberg -- the 2014 race for state Senate? That's the impression one gets as Hertzberg, the former Assembly speaker seeking a California Capitol comeback after a decade out of office, announces endorsement after endorsement. . . . . .Hertzberg should have no trouble raising money.

The question may be whether he'll need it. There's something wrong with this -- even if Hertzberg is far from the first powerhouse candidate to seek to dominate a campaign from the earliest stages, and he may very well be able to run on a record that will be impossible for any potential opponent to top.

Voters (and citizens in general) benefit when candidates must prove their qualifications and commitment and test their ideas against others'. No candidate should waltz into office based on having the biggest reserves of campaign funds and the right endorsements from fellow politicians. The only thing worse than many campaigns is no campaign at all. It would be a shame if Hertzberg's political connections make him such a prohibitive favorite to win that nobody credible bothers to challenge him.

Hertzberg, who announced his candidacy last month, may turn out to be the best person for the job. And we have certainly thought highly of him. . . . .If Hertzberg has the goods and the desire at age 58 (and there's no reason to think he doesn't), he must prove it to voters with his actions and statements.

Whether or not he has serious competition in the months ahead, he should campaign as if he does.