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POLITICS/RELIGION (National, Local/Los Angeles): Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, election, Vice Pres., U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: "L.A.'s Latino archbishop now holds a top position among U.S. Catholics. Some think that's a shot at Trump" ....  

* Los Angeles Times:  "L.A.'s Latino archbishop now holds a top position among U.S. Catholics. Some think that's a shot at Trump" - From the LAT:

Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez — a native of Mexico, an American citizen and a supporter of immigration reform — was elected vice president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops on Tuesday. The first Latino to hold the position, he will begin his three-year term just eight days after the country elected Donald Trump as president. Trump has vowed to deport millions of immigrants who are here illegally and made the construction of a border wall a centerpiece of his campaign.

In a phone interview from Baltimore, where the bishops assembled, Gomez said he was surprised by the results but “grateful to my brother bishops for their trust in me.” He dismissed the notion that his selection had anything to do with Trump, saying it was about the “challenge in our country to address the broken immigration system.” In elevating him to vice president, Gomez said, the bishops were acknowledging the “importance of Los Angeles in our country and the importance of Latinos in our country.”


Observers of the Catholic Church called Gomez an excellent choice for the post, praising his leadership abilities and his big heart. But some could not totally separate his appointment from last week’s election results .................


L.A. CITY HALL: New Wilshire Grand Hotel/Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety: The glass on the Wilshire Grand is creating too much glare, says one neighbor who wants the project halted" ....

* Los Angeles Times:  "The glass on the Wilshire Grand is creating too much glare, says one neighbor who wants the project halted" - From the LAT:

Construction of the tallest building west of the Mississippi is scheduled to be completed in downtown Los Angeles in four months, but a neighbor of the new Wilshire Grand Hotel is calling for a halt to the project because of glare from the tower’s glass exterior.

EYP Realty, a real estate management firm located next to the $1-billion project, has filed a protest with the city of Los Angeles, asking that the project’s building permit be revoked and that the glass on the surface of the 1,100-foot structure be replaced. “The installation of the very reflective glass is a clear violation of the conditions of approval for the Wilshire Grand project,” Ryan Leaderman, an attorney representing EYP Realty, wrote to the city’s Department of Building and Safety this summer.

The department studied the complaint and issued a report last week saying that agency did not violate city environmental rules in approving the original building permit. EYP has until Nov. 25 to file an appeal to the city’s planning department.

A representative of Wilshire Grand’s developer said ..................


POLITICS (National): President-elect Donald Trump, immigration, enforcement?: Editorial, "The first casualty in the war on undocuments immigrants -- the truth" ....

* Los Angeles Times (editorial):  "The first casualty in the war on undocumented immigrants -- the truth" - From the LAT:

The first casualty in the war on the undocumented, as in any war, is the truth. In this case, President-elect Donald Trump appears to have bought into a series of falsehoods and sweeping generalizations about the roles that cities and municipal law enforcement play in supposedly shielding residents from federal immigration enforcement. Los Angeles is fortunate to have, in Charlie Beck, a police chief who distinguishes between fact and fiction and recognizes the role his officers play in protecting public safety.

As Trump aides hammered out their plans to pressure local police and jail officials to assist in finding and deporting residents who crossed the border illegally or otherwise flouted immigration laws, Beck on Monday said the LAPD would not change its current practices. It would not begin questioning people on their immigration status or turning over low-level crime suspects who are undocumented to federal authorities. The LAPD is not a branch of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and police do not allow themselves to be deputized as immigration agents. Nor should they.

Since the 1970s, the LAPD has wisely recognized that it can best protect public safety by cultivating good relationships with the communities it serves and giving all residents the assurance that they can speak to police without fear of being deported. Besides, police here have plenty of their own work to do without adding immigration enforcement.

This policy outrages some critics who falsely believe that crossing the border and residing in the United States without authorization are crimes. They are not. Violators may have no legal right to be here and are subject to deportation — but under U.S. law their actions are not crimes and they are not criminals.

Beck’s sound approach, which has been the policy of every L.A. police chief since Daryl F. Gates, is sometimes used to brand Los Angeles a “sanctuary city.” It is not — at least, not if that term is to have any actual meaning .................


LOCAL GOVERNMENT: County of Los Angeles, "L.A. County leader calls for unity after post-election hate-crime reports"; O.C., "Voters split on Orange County bond measures"; Ports of L.A./Long Beach, "Los Angeles port volumes rise after Hanjin collapse"; O.C., "Westminster Voters Opt for Both Higher Taxes and a More Conservative Council" ....

***Various items relating to local issues/local government, in and around Southern California....

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* Voice of OC:  "Westminster Voters Opt for Both Higher Taxes and a More Conservative Council"

* Daily News (City News Service):  "L.A. County leader calls for unity after post-election hate-crime reports"

* Long Beach Press-Telegram:  "Los Angeles port volumes rise after Hanjin collapse"


POLITICS (National): President-elect Donald Trump, Breitbart News, Stephen Bannon, alt-right politics?: Report/analysis, "How Bannon flattered and coaxed Trump on policies key to the alt-right" .... 

* Washington Post (David Fahrenthold, Frances Stead Stellars):  "How Bannon flattered and coaxed Trump on policies key to the alt-right" - From the WP:

Soon after terrorist attacks killed 130 people in Paris last year, Donald Trump faced sharp criticism for saying the United States had “no choice” but to close down some mosques.

Two days later, Trump called in to a radio show run by a friendly political operative who offered a suggestion. Was it possible, asked the host, Stephen K. Bannon, that Trump hadn’t really meant that mosques should be closed? “Were you actually saying, you need a [New York City police] intelligence unit to get a network of informants?” Bannon asked. He continued: “I guess what I’m saying is, you’re not prepared to allow an enemy within . . . to try to tear down this country?” Trump — presented with a less controversial but entirely different idea than what he’d actually said — agreed. “That’s right. That’s not going to happen,” he told Bannon.

Today, Trump is president-elect. Bannon, the former Breitbart News chief who helped guide Trump’s victorious campaign, is set to be one of the new president’s most influential advisers. The clearest public sense of how the two will work together — and what policies Bannon may try to push — can be gleaned from a series of one-on-one interviews on Bannon’s radio show between November 2015 and June of this year ................