LOCAL GOVERNMENT (Bay Area): Oakland, new terminal, transportation of coal the city?: "Coal-shipping plan divides Oakland over health, jobs issues" ....  

* San Francisco Chronicle:  "Coal-shipping plan divides Oakland over health, jobs issues" - From the Chronicle:

Oakland’s City Council has until early December to make a costly choice: agree to move millions of tons of potentially lung-damaging coal through the city each year for export, or ban the coal and disrupt — potentially derailing — a major development that promises nearly 12,000 jobs.

Opposition to coal is mounting from public health experts, environmental groups and even some council members. But the company contracted to develop and operate a shipping terminal set to open near the east end of the Bay Bridge in 2018 is threatening to pull out if coal transportation is blocked in Oakland — and that could delay or hinder the $880 million, 366-acre development project.

“I’m quite certain if we’re unable to pursue our business plan with respect to all commodities, including coal, we will not make the investment, no,” said Jerry Bridges, who once ran the Port of Oakland and now heads Terminal Logistics Solutions, the shipping operations company handling the most lucrative portion of the project.


On Dec. 8, the City Council could vote to allow coal transportation through Oakland, restrict it in some way, or ban it altogether. Last year, before Terminal Logistics Solutions made plans to export coal from the future terminal, the council passed a resolution opposing the transportation of hazardous fuels, including coal, in Oakland ......................


POLITICS/ENVIRONMENT (Los Angeles): Water quality, medical waste, Dockweiler Beach, El Nino storms: "Biohazard Beach" ....

* The Argonaut:  "Biohazard Beach" - From The Argonaut:

Local water quality scientists are worried that the mess of tampon applicators, condoms, hypodermic needles and other medical waste that washed up on Dockweiler State Beach last week could be a warning sign of even worse pollution hitting the coastline if or when El Niño storms hit L.A.

Cleaning crews collected more than 200 pounds of biohazard debris from the beach in Playa del Rey following a rainstorm that unleased the torrent of refuse, according to the Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation. Bureau of Sanitation spokeswoman Tonya Durrell said the agency is still investigating the source of the debris.

One culprit could be a . . . . . . . .


The National Weather Service predicts “an approximately 95% chance that El Niño will continue through the Northern Hemisphere winter of 2015,” creating a much wetter than normal Los Angeles winter.

Los Angeles Waterkeeper Executive Director Bruce Reznik views what happened at Dockweiler as a “good wakeup” for government officials and water quality organizations. “With El Niño, we’re probably going to have more of these kinds of issues, so it could be a few months of some very tense situations with a greater risk of overflow,” Reznik said.

Local officials must quickly make infrastructure improvements to prevent pipe overflow during heavy rains ...............


SACRAMENTO: Jerry Brown, frugality - traveling in "higher style"?: "Jerry Brown's $56,440 flight" ....

* Sacramento Bee:  "Jerry Brown's $56,440 flight" - From the Bee:

So far as points of symbolism go cultivating a frugal image, nothing has replaced Gov. Jerry Brown’s old Plymouth Satellite so much as his frequent flights on Southwest Airlines. But recently, the fourth-term Democrat has made occasion to fly in higher style.

Brown flew to Italy this summer for climate talks at the Vatican with real estate developer George Marcus and his wife, Judy, in their private plane. And Brown reported Wednesday that when he traveled to Sun Valley, Idaho, for the investment bank Allen & Co.’s annual gathering of technology and media heavyweights, he traveled gratis on a corporate plane. Brown listed the value of the flight for him and his press secretary, Evan Westrup, at $56,440.

The flight was one of three gifts of airfare Brown reported in an annual disclosure. He also accepted gifts of travel to ...............


POLITICS/ENVIRONMENT (National, Local/South Bay): U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Del Amo Superfund site, soil cleanup: "Shell to spend $55 million to clean soil at old South Bay rubber plant"; also, "South Bay Superfund site gets $55 million settlement for cleanup"; "EPA reaches $55M settlement for soil clean-up at South Bay superfund site" ....

***Various reports, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Shell Oil, cleanup, Del Amo Superfund site....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Shell to spend $55 million to clean soil at old South Bay rubber plant"

* Daily Breeze:  "South Bay Superfund site gets $55 million settlement for cleanup"

* MYNewsLA:  "EPA reaches $55M settlement for soil clean-up at South Bay superfund site"


SACRAMENTO: AB 504, San Diego, control, downtown development: "San Diego business group hires Brown friend to kill bill" ....

* Sacramento Bee:  "San Diego business group hires Brown friend to kill bill" - From the Bee:

A years-long political and legal dispute over control of development in downtown San Diego boils down to a bill sitting on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk, and its opponents, who want a veto, have hired one of Brown’s oldest friends.

The Downtown San Diego Partnership, an influential business group, has retained the Crane Group, a Washington lobbying firm headed by Lucie Gikovich, who has been an advisor, friend and occasional staffer of Brown’s dating to his first governorship four decades ago. The governor usually stays at her home when in Washington.

“Yes I am,” Gikovich replied when asked whether she would be seeking a veto of Assembly Bill 504, although adding, “I’m not the best lobbyist.” Gikovich and the Crane Group are no strangers to Sacramento, however. The firm has numerous lobbying clients here.

AB 504 is the handiwork of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, D-San Diego, and is aimed at ...............