SACRAMENTO: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, resignation of Matt Cate, Cate to become executive director of California State Assocation of Counties, no replacement named yet for Cate at CDCR....

* Sacramento Bee:  "California prison head leaves to head county association" - From the Bee:

Matt Cate, who oversaw a dramatic, court-ordered reduction of California's prison population as secretary of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, is resigning, the Brown administration confirmed Friday.

Cate will become executive director of the California State Association of Counties. He will replace Paul McIntosh, who stepped down in August............


* Los Angeles Times:  "California's prisons chief stepping down" - "Corrections Secretary Matthew Cate, hired by then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, will assume leadership of the California State Assn. of Counties. There's no word yet on a successor."


POLITICS: Reports, overview, South Bay legislative and congressional races; also, San Fernando Valley congressional and legislative races....

*A look at various congressional and legislative races in the Los Angeles area:  Alarcon-Bocanegra; Strickland-Brownley; Pavley-Zink; McKeon-Rogers; Cardenas-Hernandez; Blumenfeld-Kolski; Schiff-Jennerjahn; Gatto-Krikorian; Nazarian-Stern; Hahn-Richardson; Waxman-Bloomfield;  Lowenthal v. Flores-Gibson; Muratsuchi-Huey; Wright-Svolos; Bradford-Evans; etc...

* Daily Breeze:  "South Bay congressional races have clear favorites"

* Daily Breeze:  "California legislative races in South Bay one-sided, except 66th Assembly District"

* Daily News:  "Legislative races: Close races for some Valley-area legislators"


POLITICS: Berman-Sherman, 30th Cong. District, more than $13 million in spending to date, campaign "a bruising battle -- literally".... 

***Latest coverage, Berman-Sherman race, 30th Congressional District....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Berman-Sherman races passes $13 million spending mark" - "The battle between Democrats Howard Berman and Brad Sherman for a San Fernando Valley congressional seat is among the costliest races in the country, campaign finance records show."

* Daily News:  "30th Congressional District: Sherman v. Berman a bruising battle -- literally"


POLITICS/TRANSPORTATION: Westside subway, report, first segment facing years-long construction delay....

* Daily News:  "Westside subway construction faces years-long delay" - From the DN:

San Fernando Valley residents hoping to take a subway to The Grove shopping mall or museums along the Miracle Mile will have to wait a few more years.

The first segment of L.A.'s new Westside subway won't open until 2023, four years after the initial expected date, transit officials said Friday. The segment, which goes through the Fairfax, Hancock Park neighborhoods and reaches the edge of Beverly Hills, is expected to break ground in 2014. It was originally targeted to open in 2019. But a variety of factors, including the addition of a new station, caused the shift in scheduling, according to officials at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.


The first segment, which will have three stops along Wilshire Boulevard is one part of the entire $6.5 billion new Purple Line extension.

All three segments include complex work, but there are site-specific challenges in the first phase..............


L.A. CITY HALL: Billboard regulation, protection of existing electronic billboards, controversial motion recently approved by city council written by sign company lobbyist....

***Following up on reports previously noted here....

* Los Angeles Times:  "Billboard firm wrote L.A. proposal on signs" - "A lobbyist for Clear Channel crafted a draft that was then adjusted with input from council members. The motioni could preserve hundreds of millions of dollars in electronic billboard business." - From the LAT:

The outdoor advertising company Clear Channel quietly wrote a controversial Los Angeles City Hall proposal that could help the company preserve hundreds of millions of dollars in electronic billboard business.

Two weeks ago, Councilmen Ed Reyes and Paul Krekorian called for new negotiations with digital billboard companies that could allow the cash-hungry city to capture a portion of sign revenues. In a motion approved by the council, the lawmakers also said it was "critical" for the city to act before a ruling is handed down in an ongoing billboard case. The outcome of the case could force the elimination of 100 digital signs, four-fifths of them operated by Clear Channel.

The motion was loudly denounced by neighborhood activists, who accused Krekorian and Reyes of trying to head off a court decision detrimental to the interests of the two companies that operate the electronic billboards.................


* Daily News:  "L.A. billboard motion prepared by sign company lobbyist"